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Sakura's Relic Room, the replacement for BEAT events on FarmVille's all new Story of Sakura farm has an additional twist. Along with the chests corresponding to each of the four regions that you must open to win the license there is also a 5th chest. The KODAI chest. What's that all about? read below to find out and please share....

The Kodai Chest sits above the other four awaiting us to complete them and earn the shipping license.

The Kodai Chest is a special Bonus in Sakura's Relic Room. You do not need to open it to earn your shipping license.

If you opt to open the Kodai chest, you will need to open all four other chests before it, then complete any two or four additional relics, depending on whether the Midoriiro chest requires 3 or 5 at final coding update, to reach a total of 18 restored relics. 

What rewards will you earn if you open the Kodai Chest? Let's have a look.

Opening the Kodai Chest will upgrade each of the four special tiles that you have earned in the various regions.

Special Expansion Name Original Bonus Property After Opening the Kodai Chest
Peninsula of Patience
Peninsula of Patience Double Bushels Triple Bushels
Peninsula of Patience
Isle of Balance Double Bushels Triple Bushels
Peninsula of Patience
Islet of Strength 1/2 Harvest Helper (Crops grow in 1/2 the time) 1/3 Harvest Helper (Crops grow in 1/3 the time)
Peninsula of Patience
Enclave of Humility Double Mastery Triple Mastery

You will also get a Green Dragon Statue

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