FarmVille Mashashi's Ultimatum Crafting Basket Complete Guide

Oh No ! Mashashi has stolen all the sacred animals of the village, even Sakura's pet! He's hidden them all in the menagerie! If you help Sakura find all the hidden animals, you will be able to keep her pet on your farm as a bonus prize! FarmVille will soon come out with another tiered level crafting basket in the style of the Ghoul Ball. We will be collecting and crafting Uruchimai Bowls to redeem for prizes. The best part of this feature is that you will redeem prizes of your choice, using Uruchimai Bowls as currency, no random chances. Your Dirt Farmer team has the details below for you, read on to get the scoop and please share.....

Mashashi's Ultimatum is currently scheduled to go live on April 25th, 2016 and end on May 25th, 2016
A look at the loading screen that will foreshadow the feature.
A look at the loading screen that we will see when the feature goes live on our farms.
The pop-up that we will receive inviting us to play Mashashi's Ultimatum
A preview of the feature walkthrough with Sakura herself.
We will be able to choose from 3 menageries of different sizes and difficulty levels to play for.
Sakura will make a recommendation for each one of us for best odds to finish based on prior completion rates.
If you are not happy with the crate you chose, you can switch only once and keep your progress.
We will be able to post or craft for Uruchimai Bowls to lure the sacred animals out of hiding.
A look at the recipes for crafting the Uruchimai Bowls.
Each recipe includes one new crop. The new crops will be in the market at the regular update time, prior to the feature’s release. All three are currently available in the Bushel Swap feature if you wish to get a jump.
 Chisai Container

(1 Uruchimai Bowls)
Emerald Knots Bushel 
1 Emerald Knots Bushel
Seika Ikebana Bushel 
2 Seika Ikebana Bushel
Elderberry Bushel 
2 Elderberry Bushel
5/10/20 1 hr
8 hrs 12 hrs 12 hrs
 Naka Container
(3 Uruchimai Bowls)

Green Tea Bushel 
2 Green Tea Bushel
Red Pineapple Bushel 
3 Red Pineapple Bushel
Nageire Ikebana Bushel 
2 Nageire Ikebana Bushel
5/10/20 2 hrs
9 hrs 30 mins 8 hrs 12 hrs

Kyojin Container

(5 Uruchimai Bowls)
Sunset Lychees Bushel 
3 Sunset Lychees Bushel
Chrysanthemum Bushel 
3 Chrysanthemum Bushel
Jiyuka Ikebana Bushel 
2 Jiyuka Ikebana Bushel
5/10/20 4 hrs
12 hrs 14 hrs 15 hrs 54 mins
By redeeming all of the animals in our chosen crate, we can win a bonus prize - and Keep Sakura's pet on our farms.
If you complete your crate with time remaining on the feature, you can replay it or play another crate.
If you do happen to choose a crate that you have already played, Sakura will check with you to see if you really wish to do that, so you don't have to worry about having to complete the same crate again due to one misclick.
As mentioned above, we will be collecting and crafting  Uruchimai Bowls to lure the animals out of hiding. We will also be able to purchase these for Farm Cash.. Note that the quantity and pricing text is a placeholder. The actual cost will be available in game.
Now for a look at the crates and rewards. As always, there are some animals unique to each crate, and some that repeat in two or all three.
The small crate has FIVE animal rewards that you can redeem.
Genji Turtle Hermit Seal Martial Archer Chicken
30 Uruchimai Bowls 45 Uruchimai Bowls 60 Uruchimai Bowls
Monk Cow Rider Deer
70 Uruchimai Bowls 100 Uruchimai Bowls
The medium crate has NINE animal rewards that you can redeem.
Warrior Crab Sensei Red Panda Karate Bird
35 Uruchimai Bowls 45 Uruchimai Bowls 65 Uruchimai Bowls
Martial Arts Monkey Samurai Beaver Shuriken Giraffe
65 Uruchimai Bowls 85 Uruchimai Bowls 95 Uruchimai Bowls
Samurai Wolf Belligerent Horse Combatant Bull
95 Uruchimai Bowls 110 Uruchimai Bowls 110 Uruchimai Bowls
The Large crate has SIXTEEN animal rewards that you can redeem.
Genji Turtle Sly Cat Kendo Duck
30 Uruchimai Bowls 30 Uruchimai Bowls 30 Uruchimai Bowls
Warrior Crab Assassin Penguin Sensei Red Panda
35 Uruchimai Bowls 40 Uruchimai Bowls 45 Uruchimai Bowls
Hermit Seal Karate Bird Martial Arts Monkey
45 Uruchimai Bowls 65 Uruchimai Bowls 65 Uruchimai Bowls
Martial Panda Warrior Gorilla Warrior Bear
65 Uruchimai Bowls 75 Uruchimai Bowls 90 Uruchimai Bowls
Kung Fu Hippo Legendary Lion Ninja Elephant
95 Uruchimai Bowls 100 Uruchimai Bowls 115 Uruchimai Bowls

Ronin Pegasus
120 Uruchimai Bowls

Special thanks to Farmer Alistair for the following calculations. The accuracy of these is dependent on the feature checking off duplicates as completed, as happened in Ghoul Ball.
You will need 1,770 Uruchimai bowls if you want to complete all 3 stages and get all 25 animals.

That is the equivalent of making 354 of the Kiojin Containers that grant 5 Uruchimai Bowls (352 counting initial grant of 10 bowls)

This will require 1,056 Sunset Lychee Bushels, 1,056 Chrysanthemum bushels and 704 Jiyuka Ikebana bushels.
A look at the Bonus Prize and Sakura's Pet - The Swordsman Unicorn
Finally, a look at the offspring from the various reward animals
Combatant Bull Calf Belligerent Foal Monk Calf
Martial Archer Egg Rider Fawn Ronin Pegasus Foal
Swordsman Unicorn  Foal

That's all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information.

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  1. I did a miss click when it wouldn't let me go to the medium choice. It stayed on the large one and I thought it had changed. Now I can't do the small or the medium. This is a really dumb feature!


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