Shockwave Flash crashes and slow gameplay using the latest version of Google Chrome

Are you unable to load the game or get frequent shockwave crashes with the latest version of Google Chrome?


Update as of March 15, 2016

The Farmville Studio has received multiple reports from players about frequent Shockwave Flash crashes and slow gameplay using the latest version of Google Chrome.

Both Google Chrome and Shockwave flash received an update on March 10th. This update could be interfering with Farmville code-base, resulting in performance issues.

While Farmville engineering team investigates a fix, they would highly recommend the following simple steps for you to return to your Farm and have a smoother gameplay experience:

WARNING: Do NOT use Firefox if you have more than 4gb of RAM and check our Dirt Farmer Repair Kit HERE for download links for firefox alternatives for faster computers.

Step 1: Use Mozilla Firefox Browser instead of Google ChromeInstall and use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser to play FarmVille. Please click HERE for a direct link to download and install Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2: Install a more stable version of Shockwave Flash on Mozilla FirefoxOnce you’ve installed and opened Mozilla Firefox, please follow the below steps to install a more stable version of Shockwave Flash:

1. Follow any of the below links to download a stable version, based on your operating system:

2. Click on “Save File” to save the installer file.

3. Press Ctrl + J and click on the file name as shown in the screen shot below to open and Run the Adobe Installer.

4. Once the installation is complete, please try reloading FarmVille on Mozilla Firefox.

IMPORTANT: If you have a Navidia Geforce Graphics Card make sure you have the updated fix driver. It is included with Windows updates or you can get it HERE

Follow FV Studio UPDATES on this issue HERE

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