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The Farmville Studio has been hard at work making it even easier to send gifts to your Farmville Friends.  Released in January 2015 The all new Gifting Made Easy includes a search box for a specific gift you may choose to send to friends. Below we have made a list of the available gifts and a list of the obsolete gifts still showing available.  Please share this post with your friends if you find it useful.
A look at the all new loading screen
As you can see there is a box in the upper right that you can use to type in the name and search the gift you wish to send.
At Present the available Gifts to send to your Farmville Friends and Neighbors is
Special Delivery Sunburst cloud Rainbow Stardust Fancy Chocolate Grafting Tool
Bonsai Pot Bonsai Pedestal Everything Nice Grain of sugar Grain of Spice
Thunder Cloud Pot Leaf Blower Rusty Post Rusty Gear
Rake Rainbow Clover Talisman Haunted Brick Chisel
Puffy Cloud Pepper Packet Magic Boulder Icicle Ramp Heart of Gold
Knockers Enchanted Blossom Water Enchanted Iron GPS
Holiday Lights Lovebird Feeder Silver Bells Leaf Net Skimmer
Seedling Tray Fertilizer Stake Water Bucket Mulch Flower Food
Garden Edging Flower Tie Trellis Beach Sandal Cement
Fill Dirt Metal Post Swim Suit Stone Pillar Hanging Incense
Bamboo Rail Reed Thatch Clay Brick Fishing Pole Lily Pad
Sail Wood Plank Turf Roll Mulch Soil Mini Boulder
Baby Fish Stony Coral Piece Volcano Monitor Small Fishing Net Large Fishing Net
Small Crowbar Large Crowbar Buoy Wooden Cog Level Gauger
Book Mallet Marshmallow Mortar Magic Mushroom Magic Wand
War Hammer Warm Milk Woodman Axe Hi-tech Salt Lick Holly Crowbar
Anchor Holly Scissors Shady Mattock Spooky Chisel Snow Shovel
Pulling Ropes Hammer and Anvil Hand Brush Mortar Bucket Kings Chalice
Forest Saw Building Hammer Meteorite Rural Pickaxe Java Fern
Bamboo Smasher Bamboo Machete Stone Hammer Wooden Shaft Ultramarine Crystal
Royal Amulet Statue Pedestal Steam Fuel Pipe Stone Lantern
Steel Sheet Spooky Magnifying Glass Spooky Candle Stand Silver Shoe Shimmering Tape
Ship Wheel Silver Sugar Shovel Seatbelt Small Axe Slop Bucket
Sea Glass Glue Sunlight Rope Pretty Saddle Baby Mobile Moon Gem
Mining PIckaxe Mining Key Vial Of Sunlight Mini Mattock Silver Bell Trowel
Two Man Saw Night Cap Tree Incubator Toy Crane Potting Soil
Polkadot Pajamas Stone Pick Pacifier Paints and Brushes Mineral Infusion
Medieval Brick Bed Rock Candy Scoop Enchanted Bamboo Drift Wood
Barnyard Shingle Coral Key Chocolate Brick Charmed Clippers Carnival Light
Bumper Coral Chisel Bronze Hammer Coral Crowbar Broken Thermometer
Fancy Hay Bearings Genie Polish Armillary Sphere Genie Incense
Food Chain Garden Pitchfork Baby Blanket Feather Pen Gilded Pedestal
Gingerbread Siding Ball of Wool Filter Toadstool Ocean Rock
Garden Fence Tiny Window Rope Scaffolding Axle
Masking Tape Gear Wood Stain Bunny Tunnel Wood Block
Sand Paper Bunny Bed Branch Ball Baby Carrot Bunch Hutch Wire
Wood Glue Brush Salt Lick Clamps Baby Blanket
Green Light Orange Overalls Dark Plywood White Overalls Light Plywood
Black Light Tennis Ball Chew Toy Dog Bed Sack
Scoop Belt Snow Chain Snow Axle Snow Gear
Rail Spike Rail Tie Lump of Coal Pickaxe Hair Dryer
Candy cane Beam Conifer Dust Ice Post Moon Ray Bridle
Phoenix Feather Saddle Golden Wand Log Tin Sheet
Screw Hay Bundle Stone Red Beam Aluminum Siding
Clamp Steel Beam Wire Screw Driver Water Pump
Hinge Lucky Penny Long Fence Post Painted Wood Shrub
Grazing Grass Hanging Flower Pipe Wrench Blue-Winged Teal
Animal Feed Grass Patch Brick Set of 2 Shovels Watering Can
Duck Walnut Tree Jackfruit Tree Cashew Tree Vehicle Part
Smoker Honeybee Bottle Puppy Kibble Dog Treat
Basket Blue Roller Awning Red Paste White Paste
Green Tape Price Card Purple Roller Red Roller Green Paper
Harness Horseshoe White Paper Yellow Paper Pink Gladiolas
Frosted Cupcake Honey Jar Aurora Explosive Flower Table Setting Pink Rose Stand
Magnolia Tree Holiday Birdhouse Ghostly Portrait Chocochip Bowl Candy Cane Snowman
Hand Windmill Rabbit Pig Chopstick Mangrove Tree
Clay Tile Magic Maple Lifebuoy Sheep Wood Clad
Cupids Arrow Magic Moss Magic Water Fairy Dust Fang
Clay Pot Azaleas Mini Radar Floating Rock Coffee Thermos
Milkshake Cup Karaoke Mic Dutch Rabbit Pecan Pine Cone Gallimimus
Sunshine Orb Strawberry Coulis Jar Brown Goose Sweet Aroma Parisian Bench II
Black Iron Fence Vampiric Cape Radiant Rays Red Clay Bricks Sakura Basket
Small Hill Ladle Snow Brick Snowflakes Sparkle Seed
Sparkling Stream Salt Water Iced Cat Spider Web Iced Duck
Picket Fence II White Wash Fence Makrana Marble Slab Late Night Train Building Beam
Pixie Dust Pirate Secret Message Roof Tiles Cow Colored Sparkles
Cheery Flutes Anchor Band Chicken Fang Fence Dilapidated Fence
Haystack Peat Pellets Potted Roses Water Barrel Vintage Poster
Floral Container Jacaranda Tree Pumpkin  Fall Wreath Cream Swirl Butterfly
Special Soil Pot of Gold Goat Witch hat Horse
Cabin Log Comet Tail Balloons Crystal Soil Grape Vine
The following Parts are obsolete so please do not send
Azaleas Ball of Wool Black Light Blue Roller Candy Cane Snowman
Chocolate Bricks Clamp Cupids Arrow Dark Plywood Dog Treat
Fancy Chocolate Fang Fence Gingerbread Siding GPS Green Light
Green Paper Green Tape Haystack Holiday Lights Light Plywood
Masking Tape Orange Overalls Puppy Kibble Purple Roller Red Paste
Red Roller Silver Bells Snow Axle Snow Chain Snow Gear
White Overalls White Paper White Paste Wood Glue Wood Stain
Sand Paper Scaffolding Yellow Paper

When helping a friend on the game feed, we will get the following pop up on some of the items we can help our Farmville Friends with and the follow available Gifts to send to our Farmville Friends.  

Grass Patch Comet Tail Balloons Sunburst Cloud Pool House Plans
Rainbow Stardust Crystal Soil Grape Vine Fancy Chocolate Grafting tool
Bonsai Pot Bonsai Pedestal Grain of Spice Grain of Sugar Everything Nice
Thunder Cloud Pot Leaf Blower Rusty Post Rusty Gear
Rake Rainbow Clover Talisman Haunted Brick Chisel
Puffy Cloud Pepper Packet Magic Boulder Lovebird Feeder Icicle Ramp
Enchanted Blossom Knockers Water Enchanted Iron Heart of Gold
GPS Silver Bell Holiday Lights Leaf Net Skimmer
Seedling Tray Fertilizer Stake Mulch Water Bucket Flower Food
Flower Tie Garden Edging Trellis Beach Sandal Metal Post
Swim Suit Cement Fill Dirt Stone Pillar Hanging Incense
Bamboo Rail Reed Thatch Clay Brick Lily Pad Fishing Pole
Sail Wood Plank Turf Roll mulch Soil Mini Boulder
Baby Fish Stony Coral Piece Volcano Monitor Small Fishing Net Large Fishing Net
Small Crowbar Large Crowbar Buoy Level Gauger Ship Wheel
Wooden Cog Building Hammer Wooden Shaft Woodman Axe Warm Milk
Magic Mushroom Shimmering Tape Mallet Magic Wand Book
War Hammer Forest Saw Rural Axe Shaddy Mattock Hi-tech Salt Lick
Holly Crowbar Spooky Chisel Hand Brush Snow Shovel Pulling Ropes
Hammer and Anvil Anchor Hollybright Scissors Stone Hammer Java Fern
Marshmallow Mortar Bamboo Machete Bamboo Smasher Mortar Bucket Kings Chalice
Meteorite Pretty Saddle Sunlight Rope Small Axe Potting Soil
Toy Cranes Stone Pick Polkadot Pajamas Tree Incubator Stone Lantern
Statue Pedestal Spooky Magifying Glass Royal Amulet Steam Steel Sheet
Fuel Pipe Paints and Brushes Pacifier Silver Bell Trowel Mining Key
Mining Pickaxe Mini Mattock Vial of Sunlight Spooky Candle Stand Mineral Infusion
Silver Sugar Shovel Seatbelt Sea Glass Glue Night Cap Slop Bucket
Two man Saw Ultramarine Crystal Baby Mobile Moon Gem Silver Shoe
Medieval Brick Chocolate Brick Carnival Light Candy Scoop Bumper
Coral Chisel Coral Crowbar Coral Key Bronze Hammer Broken Thermometer
Baby Blanket Armillary Sphere Ball of Wool Barnyard Shingle Bed Rock
Bearings Drift Wood Charmed Clippers Genie Polish Filter
Genie Incense Garden Pitchfork Food Chain Feather Pen Enchanted Bamboo
Gingerbread Siding Gilded Pedestal Fancy Hay Ocean Rock Tiny Window
Toadstool Garden Fence Axle Rope Wood Stain
Scaffolding Gear Masking Tape Wood Block Baby Carrot Bunch
Sand Paper Branch Ball Hutch Wire Bunny Bed Bunny Tunnel
Wood Glue Brush Clamps Salt Lick Orange Overalls
Dark Plywood Green Light Baby Blanket Black Light Light Plywood
White Overalls Tennis Ball Scoop Belt Dog Bed
Chew Toy Sack Snow Axle Snow Gear Snow Chain
Rail Spike Rail Tie Lump of Coal Pickaxe Hair Dryer
Candy Cane Beam Conifer Dust Ice Post Golden Wand Saddle
Bridle Phoenix Feather Log Moon Ray Tin Sheet
Hay Bundle Red Beam Screw Aluminum Siding Stone
Screw Driver Water Pump Clamp Steel Beam Wire
Hinge Long Fence Post Painted Wood Grazing Grass Shrub
Wrench Pipe Hanging Flower Blue Winged Teal Animal Feed
Special Delivery Set of 2 Shovels Water Can Duck Lucky Penny
Nail Walnut Tree Jackfruit Tree Cashew Tree Vehicle Part
Honey Bee Smoker Bottle Dog Treat Puppy Kibble
Purple Roller Green Paper Green Tape Red Roller Red paste
Harness Blue Roller White paper Horseshoe Yellow Paper
Awning White Paste Price Card Basket Vampric Cape
Wood Clad Pink Gladiolas Aurora Explosive Cow Chicken
Sheep Pink Rose Stand Iced Duck Fang Fence Late Night Train
Colored Sparkles Holiday Birdhouse Candy Cane Snowman Magnolia Tree Small Hill
Iced Cat Parisian Bench II White Wash Fence Black Iron Fence Gallimimus
Brown Goose Picket Fence II Dilapidated Fence Haystack Clay Pot
Special Soil Peat Pellet Rabbit Pig Goat
Horse Mini Radar Chopsticks Clay Tiles Coffee Thermos
Milkshake Cup Chocolate Chip Bowl Cheery Flutes Pixie Dust Cabin Log
Pirate Secret Message Pecan Pinecone Azaleas Magic Water Cupids Arrow
Flower Table Setting Floating Rock Honey Jar Frosted Cupcake Ghostly Portrait
Hand Windmill Karaoke Mic Fang Magic Maple Magic Moss
Lifebuoy Fairy Dust Mangrove Tree Butterfly Pot Of Gold
Sweet Aroma Floral Container Sunshine Orb Spider Web Strawberry Coulis Jar
Vintage Poster Water Barrel Makrana Marble Slab Roof Tiles Building Beam
Witch Hat Cream Swirl Jacaranda Tree Sparkling Stream Sakura Basket
Salt Water Red Clay Bricks Radiant Rays Potted Roses Pumpkin Fall Wreath
Snow Flakes Snow Brick Dutch Rabbit Sparkle Seeds Ladle
Anchor Band

That’s all we have for now …. Please stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville info and news……….

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