Farmville Story of Sakura Farm Decorations

As with every new farm,  #Farmville will have new Japanese themed decorations for the upcoming Story of Sakura Farm…  Check below to see the images TheDirtFarmer team has found, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful...

For more information related to the Farmville Story of Sakura farm, you can check our Story of Sakura Complete Guide.

You will note that most of the images are still invisible.. We believe the visible images are the decorations which we'll see in the first region of Story of Sakura Farm, the Plateau of Patience.. The remaining invisible decorations are most likely from the remaining 3 regions, Rivers of Balance, Mountain of Strength and Zen Valley, which will be unlocked gradually.

Kendo Gnome Peaceful Monk Gnome Red Mist Gnome Tea Farmer Gnome
Water Goddess Gnomette Zen Meditation Gnome Lily Pad Moat Lily Pad Moat 2
Lily Pad Moat 3 Lily Pad Moat 4 Lily Pad Moat 5 Lily Pad Moat 6
Lotus Moat Lotus Moat 2 Lotus Moat 3 Lotus Moat 4
Lotus Moat 5 Lotus Moat 6 Path of Success Moat Path of Success Moat 2
Path of Success Moat 3 Path of Success Moat 4 Path of Success Moat 5 Path of Success Moat 6
Pretty Paths Moat Pretty Paths Moat 2 Pretty Paths Moat 3 Pretty Paths Moat 4
Pretty Paths Moat 5 Pretty Paths Moat 6 Sakura Garden Moat Sakura Garden Moat 2
Sakura Garden Moat 3 Sakura Garden Moat 4 Sakura Garden Moat 5 Sakura Garden Moat 6
Aka Kokeshi Doll Ao Kokeshi Doll Aoneko Mask Atode Teapot
Bamboo Floating Seat Bamboo Flowers Bamboo Fountain Bamboo Rifter
Bamboo Silo Blooms of Ceramic Bottomless Pot Cherry Kokeshi Doll
Double Points Statue Beat Trophy Dragon Dance Dragon Eggs
Dragon Fountain Dragon Ship Feudal Art Pot Garden Arch
Garden Pagoda Garden Waterfall Gorudo Kokeshi Doll Gorudo Neko Mask
Hand Made Paper Fence Houhin Tea Pot Howaito Kokeshi Doll Howaito Maneki Cat
Howaito Neko Mask Incense Pot Jade Dragon Statue Japanese Boat
Japanese Feeding Trough Japanese Fisherman Japanese Garden Lamp Japanese Mermaid
Japanese Rickshaw Japanese Scarecrow Japanese Warships Japanese Watch Tower
Jap Hat Lantern Kabuki Dance Troupe Kasshoku Neko Mask Kimaneki Cat
Koi Statue Lotus Lanterns Midoriiro Kokeshi Doll Mount Fuji
Niphon Gazebo Nippon Bamboo Fence Noodle Stall Old Chashitsu
Oneness Monkey Monk Origamied Butterflies Palanquin Bearers Papuru Maneki Cat
Papuru Neko Mask Pinku Kokeshi Doll Pinku Maneki Cat Pinku Neko Mask
Red Crowned Dancers Red Feather Star Round Boat Ryu Arch
Sea Anemone Pod Lamps Secret Portal Serene Yama Shinto Arch
Soothing Garden Spring Shrine Stone Clock Tower Taiko Matsuri
Totem of Balance Totem of Humility Totem of Patience Totem of Strength
Traditional Boat Traditional Romantic Couple Traditional Tea Serving Uwade Tea Pot
Village Mill Wheel Water Garden Weapon Stand Welcome Billboard
Wrestling Pit Yokode Teapot Zen Bridge Zen Haybale

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info…

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