FarmVille Story of Sakura Farm Sakura’s Relic Room Preview Guide

The new FarmVille Story of Sakura farm will mark the retirement of the tired BEAT event and the birth of a new way to earn your shipping license and other cool rewards.  It will be called Sakura’s Relic Room and your Dirt Farmer team has the scoop for you on what we will need to do to earn the license  and the other items. Check out the details below and please share.

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Like the farm, Sakura’s Relic Room will be divided into the 4  regions, with one chest reflecting each.

Let’s get started with a look at the premise of the farm. Sakura is visiting her homeland for the first time and needs your help to restore the relics and make it beautiful again.

The Izanami Haven is the self-contained crafting for the farm. The Judo Dojo is the main buildable and the Zen Garden House is the crafting cottage. According to this blurb, they will unlock in stages with the regions and they will not be able to be completed until the last stage releases.

For more information on the four unwither ring buildings click here. There are only 30 gifts to open in total, not 30 per building, 3 of which are unwither rings, they will not be four times the work.

Tiles are the FarmVille Studio’s word for land expansions. The expansions that you will unlock by opening the chests will offer special bonuses like double bushels, double mastery or harvest helper. The Harvest Helper is an effect on your farm that reduces the growing time for your crops, similar to the water sprinkler, but without having to do any work.

Now lets go through Sakura’s Relic Room itself  and see what we will need to do.

As you can see the Relic Room has four chests that will need to be opened, one corresponding to each region of the farm. The ability to restore relics for a region will unlock with that region.
Opening all 4 chests will earn you the shipping license just like the old beat events did. There are also special powers for certain expansions and other rewards like this Jade Dragon statue that are your reward for opening a specific chest.

The goal is to help Sakura restore her family’s relics to earn the rewards.

An example of what a relic may look like, the rewards for each stage of restoring the relic, and the task needed to restore it.

There will be tasks for each of several relics and it appears that we will get to choose which we want to do. Note that some of the tasks are timed and will need to be restored before they expire. We do not yet know how this will affect new or returning players who miss this farm.

Examples of some possible relic tasks and rewards. The 99 may be placeholder text –we won’t know how many we need to do until coding.

There are special rewards for opening each chest as well

A look at the popup for restoring a chest.

You will be able to see your progress for a region by clicking on the chest.

When you have opened all 4, you will get the shipping license.

This image suggests restoring 18 relics, the others 99, we will not know how many until coding

More as we know it, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer.

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