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The FarmVille Studio has put together a FAQ to help us understand Sakura's Relic Room better. Check it out below and please share.

FAQ - Achievements

Q1. What are the different Regions in the Story of Sakura Farm?
A1. The farm is divided into four regions, which will be unveiled over time. These regions have different terrains:  
  1. Plateau of Patience - Land Terrain
  2. Rivers of Balance - Water Terrain
  3. Mountain of Strength - Land and Water Terrain
  4. Zen Valley - Zen Terrain.
You can unlock more land tiles and rewards as new regions open up. 
Q2. What are Achievements?
A2.  Achievements are challenges that can be completed by simply fulfilling their preset conditions and passively playing the Story of Sakura. Each of the above regions have different Achievements associated with them. You can find the entire Achievement list in the Relic Room, which will be described in detail later. The Achievement list for each region will open up when that particular region will be available to play on. There are two kinds of Region Achievements - Timed and Untimed.
Q3. How can I visit the Relic Room? What can I do there?
A3. You can visit the Relic Room by clicking on the Emerald Dragon Icon next to the Neighbor Bar.   
Screen Shot 1937-12-19 at 5.25.15 pm.png
In the relic room, you can view the different tasks that need to be completed to restore relics and open chests. You can also view the progress of restored Relics and opened Chests in the Relic Room. The difference between Relics and Chests is outlined below:
  • Relics are small antiques that you will have to restore to complete Achievements. 
  • These Relics will have 2 stages; 
  • An Unfinished Stage when you have not completed the achievement fully.
  • Finished stage when you have completed the achievement i.e. earned a Gold star for the Achievement.
  • Each Relic is further divided into milestones, which are denoted by stars, namely Bronze, Silver and Gold. Restoring a set number of relics in a particular region opens up chests.
  • You can also click on a relic to track your progress for that particular achievement and to see which rewards have been earned. 
  • There are 4 small Chests in the Relic Room, each of which is associated with a particular region.
  • You need to restore a certain number of Relics in each region for the Chest to open and get its rewards.
  • You can click on a Chest to keep a track of your Achievements.
More information on the chests is provided later in the FAQ as well.
Q4. How do I restore Relics? What rewards can I expect for restoring them?
A4. Achievements can be completed by restoring relics and opening chests. Restoring relics to their final state is the only way to complete achievements. Each relic has three milestones - Bronze, Silver & Gold. You can keep a track of which milestone you have achieved with the help of Stars.
Each time you complete a milestone for a relic, you will get a consumable reward or an asset reward that you can place on your farm. On earning the Gold Star, the relic will be deemed restored and you will get a reward as well as that Relic as a decoration that can be placed on your farm.
Q5. Of what use are the chests in the Relic Room?
A5. There are 4 chests in the Relic Room, each associated with a particular region. Every Chest has a certain number of Relics required to be restored to open it. Each chest has its own set of rewards, as detailed out below:
  • A Special Tile that unlocks for the players to start farming on. Each special tile comes with its own set of benefits, which will be described later in this document.
  • You will also get costume parts for your Avatar as a reward. Opening all the chests will complete the costume set for your avatar. 
  • On opening all the 4 Chests, you will earn a Shipping Licence, that will let you move items between Story of Sakura and other Farms. 
  • You also get other rewards for opening the chests, like Sakura Points, Instagrow Potions and Unwithers.
The table below explains criteria for opening Chests and rewards that you will get for opening them.
Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 2.09.07 am.png
Q6. How am I notified if I have earned an Achievement?
A6. Whenever you earn a milestone for an Achievement, you will be notified of the same by a glowing Emerald Dragon icon, with a pink marker on it.
Q7. What are Timed Achievements?
A7. As the name states, Timed Achievements are limited time tasks that need to be restored before they expire. These tasks are very important, as they can be the ‘wildcard’ needed to open the chests. Timed tasks have no milestones and you only need a gold star to complete them. Timed Achievements are unique for each region and will start when when the General Access (GA) for a region starts, for example, if you are in Plateau of Patience (R1) then the Timed Achievements will run for 2 weeks - (GA+1) week.
The Timed achievements will run for the following times:
  • R1 - 2 weeks (starting 3/21/2016, ending 4/04/2016)
  • R2 - 3 weeks (starting 4/04/2016, ending 4/25/2016)
  • R3 - 4 weeks (starting 4/25/2016, ending 5/23/2016)
  • R4 - 5 weeks (starting 5/23/2016, ending 6/27/2016)
To complete the Timed Achievements, you will have to interact with the main building - Judo Dojo. 
Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 2.28.05 am.png
* Requirements for R2, R3 and R4 are subject to change
Please note that you can get the gold star only if you are able to harvest the Judo Dojo building successfully within the time limit. If you aren’t able to clear the Achievement, the Achievement slot will allow you to dismiss the Achievement and clear up the slot. There is no way to play this achievement again, so make sure you finish the achievement on time!
Q8. What are Untimed Achievements ?
A8. These are the Achievements that you can complete as and when you choose to do so, simply by playing on the Story of Sakura farm as normal. Each region has its own set of timed achievements, as shown in the table below:
Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 2.29.13 am.png
Crop Mastery (PPH) 
  • You will have to master Region Specific crops to get Bronze, Silver and Gold Rewards. Each crop is tied to a particular region and will only count towards progress for that region.
  • The crops will be divided into Land(R1), Water (R2), Land+Water(R3), Zen(R4).
Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 2.18.28 am.png
Leveling up the Crafting Cottage (Crafting) 
  • You will need to interact with the Crafting Cottages to successfully complete these Achievements.
  • Also, you will have to level up the Crafting Cottages to access more recipes to keep progressing in the achievement Achievements.
  • Each recipe is tied to a particular region.
Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 2.20.06 am.png
Clearing Treasures
  • To complete this Achievement, you will need to unlock the Treasures from different regions of Story of Sakura.
  • This particular achievement is only available in Regions 2 and 4.
Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 2.20.21 am.png
Unlocking Land Tiles
  • These Achievements require you to unlock land tiles.
  • These Achievements are available only on R2 and R4 as there are limited number of land tiles in each region. 
  • Please note, these values are not final. We will update the final values as the date for the new region to be unlocked comes closer.
Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 2.22.21 am.png
Earning rewards from Buildings
  • These Achievements require you to interact with different buildings that are available in the Story of Sakura and earn rewards from them.
  • You will need to interact with the main building (Judo Dojo), the 4 Unwither Ring Buildings in each region and the Self Contained Crafting Buildings in Region 1 and 3.
Q9. What are Special Tiles and how can I earn them?
A9. Once you have opened a Chest for a particular Region, you will get Special Tiles as a reward. These tiles have special benefits if you should choose to farm on these tiles. The size of a Special Tile is half of the normal tile, which is equal to 40 plots. These Special Tiles can’t be bought, and once unlocked, their benefits last forever.
The table below shows the Special Tile Benefits and other benefits you get on unlocking Special Tiles.
Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 2.25.02 am.png
Q10. What are the requirements to earn the Kodai Chest and what are its benefits?
A10. You will need to restore any 18 Relics and unlock all the four chests before you get to open the Kodai Chest. Opening the Kodai Chest upgrades your special tiles to give out even greater benefits! Once you open the Kodai Chest you will earn following upgrades:
  • 3X Bushels on Peninsula of Patience
  • 3X Bushels on  Isle of Balance
  • 1/3rd  Harvest time on Islet of Strength
  • 3X Mastery on crops, animals & trees on Enclave of Humility. 
  • Emerald Green Dragon Statue. 

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