Farmville Story of Sakura Farm Plateau of Patience Region Garden Pavilion

As with the recent previous farms, #Farmville Story of Sakura farm will have an unwither ring building as well… In fact it won’t just have one unwither ring building but four of them… One for every region of Story of Sakura… The very first of them will be the Garden Pavillion which we will access when we enter the first region, Plateau of Patience. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

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First a look at the pop up we’ll receive

Now a look at the stages of the building

Stage 0
Stage 1
Stage 2

We'll be able to craft Japanese Ryo in the craftshop... Let's take a look at the 3 recipes 

Japanese Ryo
Ajisai Cluster Bushel
5 Ajisai Cluster Bushel
Plum Bloom Bushel
3 Plum Bloom Bushel
Jade Asatsuki Bushel
3 Jade Asatsuki Bushel
5/10/208 hrs
4 hrs6 hrs8 hrs

Five Japanese Ryo
Ningyo Pear Bushel
5 Ningyo Pear Bushel
Jade Asatsuki Bushel
5 Jade Asatsuki Bushel
Cane Knot Kumquat Bushel
5 Cane Knot Kumquat Bushel
5/10/2012 hrs
15 hrs 54 mins8 hrs8 hrs

Three Japanese Ryo
Cane Knot Kumquat Bushel
4 Cane Knot Kumquat Bushel
Pink Rose Candle Bushel
5 Pink Rose Candle Bushel
Ningyo Pear Bushel
4 Ningyo Pear Bushel
5/10/2010 hrs
8 hrs4 hrs15 hrs 54 mins

Finally a look at the confirmed prizes and the amount of Japanese Ryo's we'll be needing to unlock each of them

Level 1
5 x Japanese Ryo
Mushroom Crown Tree
Level 2
5 x Japanese Ryo
Super Fertilizer
Level 3
10 x Japanese Ryo
Water Garden
Level 4
15 x Japanese Ryo
Tea Farmer Gnome
Level 5
20 x Japanese Ryo
Insta Grow Pack
Level 6
25 x Japanese Ryo
Palanquin Bearers
Level 7
35 x Japanese Ryo
Sumo Panda
Level 8
50 x Japanese Ryo
3 pack of Turbo Chargers
Level 9
70 x Japanese Ryo
Elegant Pegasus
Level 10
90 x Japanese Ryo
Unwither Ring Pack
Total Parts

That's all we have for now...Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer…

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  2. My land unwither ring has disappeared and I did not get a ring for the bridge. Where has it gone? Where have they gone?

    1. Once you obtain the unwither ring, open the box. Then look at the gift box again to open the ring


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