Farmville Story of Sakura Farm Crops Preview

Are you ready for a new adventure? If so, Farmville Story of Sakura Farm is here! We will have over 55 brand new crops to master! Below is a peek at what we will be planting and harvesting on our joyous Japanese Adventure.

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You will note that most of the images are still invisible.. We believe the visible images are the crops which we'll see in the first region of Story of Sakura Farm, the Plateau of Patience.. The remaining invisible crops are most likely crops from the remaining 3 regions, Rivers of Balance, Mountain of Strength and Zen Valley, which will be unlocked gradually.

Ajisai Cluster Akebi Butterfly Fan Blossoms
Candied Chopsticks Cane Knot Kumquat Cherry Lantern Hozuki
Chestnut Wagashi Chibi Cherries Dewdrop Sweetpea
Fishnet Zucchini Flaming Pandan Garden Pond Plant
Giant Daikon Glass Sakura Glowing Bamboo
Grilled Tofu Flower Gummy Koi Flower Hand Fan Momo
Hearty Melon Ichijiku Shell Jade Asatsuki
Japanese Wineberry Katana Banana Kinmokusei Carrot
Kirikane Peach Kousa Berry Marshmallow Sushi
Mizuhiki Fuji Apple Mushroom Statues Muskmelon Lamp
Myoga Ginger Native Kaki Nekokinkan
Nihon Lamp Sugarcane Ningyo Pear Nippontaka Chilli
Nishiki Rice Origami Flower Painted Cherry Blossoms
Pentagon Mikan Pink Rose Candle Pink Star Pin Blossoms
Plum Blossom Ruby Red Grapefruit Sakura Eggs
Sushitsubaki Teacup Flowers Temarikyoho
Umbrella Blooms Wagasa Bloom Wasabikodomatsu
Watery Sudachi Wild Fragaria Wisteria Fukinagashi

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info..

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