Farmville Story of Sakura Farm Complete Guide

The Dirt Farmer team brings you a complete guide for Farmville’s latest Japanese expansion, the Story of Sakura Farm… Here you will find all links relevant to the new farm in a single place to make sure you don’t miss anything… Please don’t forget to share our complete guide  with your fellow farmers to keep them informed if you find it helpful.

Complete Guide To Sakura's Relic Room Building and Crafting Unlocks Complete Guide
FarmVille Studio Video Tutorial

  Amphibious Items  

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  1. Where is the Izanami Haven guide?

  2. Sorry, I found the Izanami Haven Guide. I should have know that the Dirt Farmer wouldn't let me down.

  3. I don't have any water vehicles in my market to buy to use on the water plots....

  4. where do i put the flame kirin?

  5. Is it still possible to finish Sakura. I cannot seem to get the quests finished to unlock the Relick Room and need to know if this is impossible now Thanks


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