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#Farmville will soon be releasing a brand new Japanese expansion called Story of Sakura.. And as with every new farm expansion, Story of Sakura will have its own unique animals fitting the theme of this new Japanese farm.. Check out the Dirt Farmer post for a sneak peek at the images we have found and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

For more information regarding Farmville Story of Sakura Farm, check out the Dirt Farmer's Story of Sakura Farm Complete Guide

You will note that most of the images are still invisible.. We believe the visible images are the animals which we'll see in the first region of Story of Sakura Farm, the Plateau of Patience.. The remaining invisible animals are most likely animals from the remaining 3 regions, Rivers of Balance, Mountain of Strength and Zen Valley, which will be unlocked gradually.

Hibagon Bear Japan Bear Japanese Black Bear Pawafuru Bear
Cherry Leopard Dignified Serval Ethereal White Tiger Flaming Tiger
Foo Lion Komainu Lion Lost Warrior Tiger Monk Lion
Moretsuna Tiger Mythical Leopard Intricate Lion Spectral Lion
Warrior Tiger Baby Fire Phoenix Cherry Blossom Phoenix Cherry Umbrella Crane
Flower Pheasant Great Master Heron Green Woodpecker Majestic Wolf

Jacobin Pigeon
Bird of Elements
Red Crowned Crane
Ruddy King Fisher

Tricolored Heron
Vulturine Guinea Fowl
Vulturine Guinea Fowl Warrior
Bakaneko Cat
Wise Cat
Chuseina Dog
Farmer Shiba Inu
Penance Dog
Samurai Dog Black Foot Lion Fish Dolphin Circling Koi Dolphin Dragon Eel Dolphin
Japanese Fighting Fish Dolphin Koi Dolphin Koi Pond Dolphin Lantern Fish Dolphin
Sea Butterfly Dolphin Sea Shell Dolphin Japanese Sea Dragon Kawaihana Dragon
Mythical Dragon Thunder Dragon Water Dragon Basan Duck
Japanese Farmer Duck Kimono Duck Porcelain Duck Peace Elephant
Wavey ElephantDragon Whisker Fox Fairy Fox Guardian Fox
Kendo Fox Mythical Fox Sakhalin Red Fox Tailed Fox
Ninja Toad Blue Mist Kirin Blue Ringed Octopus
Feathered Harpy
Fisherman Meerkat Flame Kirin Flashing Jellyfish Flower Sea Urchin
Glowing Sea Pony Green Sea Slug Horned Griffin Japanese Sea Eolis
Japanese Racoon Dog Japanese Serow Meerkat Assasin Mystical Koioni
Mythical Saber Porcelain Sea Pony Raincoat Red Panda Sake Bottle Tanuki
Samurai Boar Samurai Meerkat Sea Slug Susanoo Dragon
Tiara Octopus Blossom Giraffe Cherry Blossom Giraffe Porcelain Goat
Samurai Goat Karate Gorilla Sumo Referee Gorilla Cherry Blossom Hippo
Geisha Hippo Ninja Hippo Tea Farmer Hippo Aikido Kangaroo
Japanese Farmer Monkey Kashi Koi Desu Monkey Airashi Desu Otter Japanese Sea Otter

Elegant Pegasus Panda Monk Panda Noodle Soup Panda Sumo Panda

Warrior Panda
Cherry Blossom Peacock
Male Green Pheasant Origami Peacock
Rising Sun Peacock Serene Peahen Ya Peacock Sensei Penguin
Blush Doll Pig Bushido Pig Feaudalelite Pig Ichimatsu Pig
Kimono Piggy Tea Pick Pig Ronin Rabbit Tranquil Rabbit
Wing Ear Hare Basan Rooster Dragon Seahorse Glamorous Seahorse
Koi Seashorse Koi Pond Seahorse Leafy Sea Dragon Seahorse Samurai Seahorse
Seashell Seal Bridal Sheep Lamp Sheep Rice Fleece Sheep
Giant Flying Squirrel Jade Farm Swan Kimono Swan Dragon Turtle

Glowing Sea Turtle Katagami Turtle Ninja Fire Turtle Ninja Tortoise
Origami Turtle Porcelain Tortoise Sign Shell Turtle Talisman Turtle
Traditional Patterned Turtle Chopstick Walrus Golden Dragon WolfIce Shard Wolf

Bull, Cow and Calves
Armed Bull Armed Bull Calf Akabeko Cow Akabeko Calf
Wise Cow Wise Calf Ceramic Cow Ceramic Calf
Cherry Cow Cherry Calf Sea Patterned Cow Sea Patterned Calf
Utukushi Cow Utukushi Calf

Chicken and Eggs
Assassin Chicken Assassin Egg Basan Chicken Basan Egg
Gorgeous Chicken Gorgeous Egg Onagadori Chicken Onagadori Egg
Shamisen Chicken Shamisen Egg Water Pail Chicken Water Pail Egg

Magic Deer and Fawns
Blue Forest Deer Blue Forest Fawn Cherry Blossom Deer Cherry Blossom Fawn
Glowing Deer Glowing Fawn Japanese Sika Deer Japanese Sika Fawn
Koi Deer Koi Fawn Sea Breeze Doe Sea Breeze Doe Fawn
Sika Deer Sika Fawn

Horse and Foals

Bugeisha Horse Bugeisha Foal Fuji Musume Horse Fuji Musume Foal
Great Samurai Horse Great Samurai Foal Jade Flora Horse Jade Flora Foal
Jade Guardian Horse Jade Guardian Foal Japan Peasant Horse Japan Peasant Foal
Jinsoku Horse Jinsoku Foal Maiko Horse Maiko Foal
Nishiki Goi Horse Nishiki Goi Foal Sakura Flower Horse Sakura Flower Foal
Samurai Horse Samurai Foal Senso Horse Senso Foal
Silver Scroll Horse Silver Scroll Foal Sun Farmer Horse Sun Farmer Foal
Swordsman Horse Swordsman Foal Traditional Horse Traditional Foal
Yabusame Horse Yabusame Foal Yudaina Horse Yudaina Foal
Yulong Horse Yulong Foal Zen Cloud Horse Zen Cloud Foal

Pegacorn and Foals
Blossom Flower Pegacorn Blossom Flower Pegacorn Foal Dragon Pegacorn Dragon Pegacorn Foal
Hand Fan Pegacorn Hand Fan Pegacorn Foal Jeweled Pegacorn Jeweled Pegacorn Foal
Kentaro Pegacorn Kentaro Pegacorn Foal Kirin Pegacorn Kirin Pegacorn Foal
Mizu Pegacorn Mizu Pegacorn Foal Mystical Pegacorn Mystical Pegacorn Foal
Ozuju Pegacorn Ozuju Pegacorn Foal Pink Rosette Pegacorn Pink Rosette Pegacorn Foal
Water Peace Pegacorn Water Peace Pegacorn Foal

Pegasi and Foals
Armoured Pegasus Armoured Pegasus Foal Black Feathered Pegasus Black Feathered Pegasus Foal
Dragon Scale Pegasus Dragon Scale Pegasus Foal Elegant Pegasus Elegant Pegasus Foal
Garden Stone Pegasus Garden Stone Pegasus Foal Geisha Pegasus Geisha Pegasus Foal
Griff Pegasus Griff Pegasus Foal Kitsune Mask Pegasus Kitsune Pegasus Mask Foal
Magatama Pegasus Magatama Pegasus Foal Nihon Pegasus Nihon Pegasus Foal
Nomagami Pegasus Nomagami Pegasus Foal Tengu Pegasus Tengu Pegasus Foal

Pony and Foals
Nippon Pony Nippon Pony Foal Seashell Pony Seashell Pony Foal

Unicorn and Foals
Dragon Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Foal Emperor Unicorn Emperor Unicorn Foal
Guardian Unicorn Guardian Unicorn Foal Kirin Unicorn Kirin Unicorn Foal
Nebula Ninja Unicorn Nebula Ninja Unicorn Foal Obijime Unicorn Obijime Unicorn Foal
Oriental Sakura Unicorn Oriental Sakura Unicorn Foal Raijin Unicorn Raijin Unicorn Foal
Silver Koi Unicorn Silver Koi Unicorn Foal

That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest news and info...

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