Simple Rules for Dirt Farmer Link Sharing Groups (Mam Maw Dirt’s Trading Post, FarmVille Quest and More Help Group, FarmVille Vote Help Group, Got Sheep)

Please do not use unsafe link shorteners such as adfly. These link shorteners use ads that promote the downloading of dangerous software. Anyone found using these type of link shorteners will be immediately removed from the group for the safety of the other members.


We are an international community. Not all of our members speak English, and we also have many who speak all languages who are not tech savvy. As such, while you are welcome to delete your own posts if you feel it is a courtesy, it is against group rules to push your preference to delete or not on other players. This would also apply to dictating how others handle their posts in any other way.  The Dirt Farmer mantra is to play the game your way, that also means being respectful of other people's right to play theirs.

This group is for game link Sharing only. Please refer to this post for the best group to get help with each type of share or request http://www.farmvilledirt.com/2015/07/our-guide-to-knowing-and-joining-our.html

While we will not remove game links that are best suited to another of our groups (please DO NOT REPORT THEM) , you will get more help by choosing the appropriate group. You can also find resources for any other help you need with FarmVille, Facebook or technology in the above link.

This is a Dirt Farmer group. You can advertise other groups on your own wall.  Please do not post links to software groups or game guides that come from anywhere but Zynga or Dirt Farmer affiliated sites. Anything we deem unsafe, disruptive, or anything from other fansites will be deleted.

You can post requesting assistance with something - for instance if you need a bushel or wish a level two tree in Mam Maws. Do not request any items that cost farm cash, and do not comment anyone else’s post requesting items - make your own post.

This is a group for helping each other with the game. As with all Dirt Farmer groups manners are a must here. We follow just one principle... "Play the game the way that you want to play, and not like someone else plays - do not criticize other people’s style of play or demand they play as you want them to. Accusations, bashing, or calling out of any other human being for any reason will be removed and may result in a vacation from the group or even a permanent ban.

Please DO NOT CREATE DOCUMENTS OR UPLOAD FILES without prior authorization from a DF leadership admin (Locke, Prashanth, Rina, Heather)

DO NOT EVER add your Friends to this Group......We DO NOT Force Add Players...Let them ASK TO JOIN the same way you did.


How to make sure you get all votes on the side you prefer (Vote help group) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.550396818390764&type=1

If you have questions or need clarification about any rules, please feel free to comment on the group rules document and tag several  admins  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.588850057878773&type=1

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