This group is your one stop shop to find ALL of the Dirt Farmer’s informational posts and guides on the wall. DO NOT EVER add your Friends to this Group......We DO NOT Force Add Players...Let them ASK TO JOIN the same way you did.


The Dirt Farmer mantra is to play the game your way, that also means being respectful of other people's right to play theirs. Please be respectful at all times, comments that are rude, or negative toward any other human being will be removed.


Please DO NOT CREATE DOCUMENTS OR UPLOAD FILES without prior authorization from a DF leadership admin (Locke, Prashanth, Rina, Heather)


This is a Dirt Farmer group. You can advertise other groups on your own wall.  Please do not post links to software groups or game guides that come from anywhere but Zynga or Dirt Farmer affiliated sites. Anything we deem unsafe, disruptive, or anything from other fansites will be deleted.



If you have questions or need clarification about any rules, please feel free to comment on the group rules document and tag several  admins  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.588850057878773&type=1

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