DO NOT EVER add your Friends to this Group......We DO NOT Force Add Players...Let them ASK TO JOIN the same way you did...  This Group is for ADDING FRIENDS ONLY – for help with anything else related to FarmVille click here and ask to join the appropriate group http://www.farmvilledirt.com/2015/07/our-guide-to-knowing-and-joining-our.html

Dirt Farmer admins are here to help by removing spam, keeping a pleasant atmosphere and directing content to the proper groups so people can find what they need. Reporting or blocking Dirt Farmer admins (reports are NOT anonymous) for doing their jobs can result in removal from our groups or even a permanent ban. 

If someone is troubling you, or making you feel uncomfortable, or arguing , or if someone you added makes you uncomfortable...please let an admin know  or click here to message our fan page ,rather than making a public post, and we will handle it as needed. Arguing with other members or admins may result in removal from the group or even a permanent ban.  If you know for a fact that a member of Legion is contacting you with unwanted advances or disrespectful behavior, please contact our Dirt Farmer page and be prepared to provide screenshots of said interaction and we will handle accordingly.

Be polite and use family friendly language at all times. DO NOT call other members CHEATERS or WITCH HUNTERS, RUDE or any other names, just because they don't play the way you want them to...Simply state the fact that you do or do not wish to add 3rd party App users. Leave it at that,As 3rd party apps are a controversial topic that results in heated discussion, further specifics or  mentioning any 3rd party apps by name,  do not belong here and will be deleted. Violations of this rule that become hostile may result in removal from the group or even a permanent ban. PLAY YOUR WAY AND RESPECT OTHERS' RIGHT TO PLAY THEIRS!!

If you post an ADD ME to this group, please DO NOT deactivate your account for a few days, other members cannot send you friend requests if you do so, and that after all is the purpose of this group.

This is a Dirt Farmer group. You can advertise other groups on your own wall.  Please do not post links to software groups or game guides that come from anywhere but Zynga or Dirt Farmer affiliated sites. Anything we deem unsafe, or anything from other fansites will be deleted.

If someone in the Group doesn't accept you Friend Request...Don't take it personally...There may be a good reason...Just move on...There are more than enough Members to add.  If someone sends you a request that you do not wish to accept - do not mark as spam or you will cause them to be blocked from sending requests.

While this group is primarily for Farmville 1, we do allow requests for Farmville 2 as well. If you play Farmville 2 and play that primarily on Zynga.com so nothing shows on your Facebook wall, please note that in your request to avoid concerns when adding.

Please DO NOT CREATE DOCUMENTS OR UPLOAD FILES without prior authorization from a DF leadership admin (Locke, Prashanth, Rina, Heather)

If you have questions or need clarification about any rules, please feel free to comment on the group rules document and tag several  admins  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.588850057878773&type=1

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