Beat Event Farms, Prizes and Guides


With most of our farms we were offered the opportunity to do the Beat Event.  The Beat Event is where we complete challenges in order to win prizes, trophies, shipping licenses and in some cases a double statue.  Below you will find a list of the farms that offer this to us. There is a guide to show you what the prizes will be and the challenges that are listed for us to complete.  I hope you find this helpful and please share this with your friends. 



Double Statue Prize
Guide to Event
Hawaiian Paradise  
Hawaiian Paradise Event Guide
Jade Falls Beat Jade Falls Trophies Jade Falls Licenses  

Jade Falls Event Guide
Haunted Hollow  

Haunted Hollow Event Guide
Mistletoe Lane Mistletoe Lane License  

Mistletoe Lane Event Guide
Enchanted Glen  
Enchanted Glen Event Guide
Australia Event Guide
Celestial Pastures Beat Celestial Pastures Trophy  
Celestail Pastures Event Guide
Sweet Acres Sweet Acres License  
Sweet Acres Event Guide
Mystical Groves 50 Mystical Points Mystical Groves License  
Mystical Groves Event Guide
Holiday Lights 50 Light Points Beat Holiday Lights Trophy Holiday Lights License  
Holiday Lights Event Guide
Atlantis Atlantis License  

Atlantis Event Guide
Fields of El Dorado El Dorado License  
Fields of El Dorado Event Guide
Emerald Valley 50 Rainbow Points Beat Emerald Valley Trophy Emerald Valley License  
Emerald Valley Event Guide

Mediterranean Riviera
50 Riviera Points
Mediterranean Riviera Event Guide
Oasis Gardens 50 Oasis Points Beat Oasis Trophy  
Oasis Gardens Event Guide
Fairytale Fields 50 Storybook Points Beat Trophy Fairytale License  
Fairytale Fields Event Guide
Horseman’s Hollow
50 Hollow Points  
Horseman's Hollow Event Guide
Magical Toy Town 50 Magical Points Toy Town License  
Magical Toy Town Event Guide
Avalon Wilderlands 50 Avalon Points Avalon License   Avalon Wilderlands Event Guide
Avalon The Kingdom 50 Kingdom Points Beat Trophy  
Avalon The Kingdow Event Guide
Wild West Ranch 50 Ranch Points Beat Trophy Ranch License  
Wild West Ranch Event Guide
Treasure Tides 50 Treasure Points Double Points Trophy Treasure Tides License  
Treasure Tides Event Guide
Savannah Safari 50 Savannah Points Africa Beat Trophy Savannah License  
Savannah Safari Event Guide
Phantom Valley 50 Phantom Points Phantom Beat Trophy Phantom License  
Phantom Valley Event Guide
Alpine Jingle 50 Alpine Points Alpine Beat Trophy Alpine Jingle License  
Alpine Jingle Event Guide
Namaste India 50 Namaste India Points Namaste India Beat Trophy Namaste India License  
Namaste India Event Guide
Story of Sakura Sakura License   Story of Sakura- Relic Room Guide

Relic Room Information
Caveman Club Caveman Club Beat Trophy Caveman Club License  
Caveman Club Event Guide
Ode To Olympus  
Ode To Olympus Event Guide
El Carnaval De Los Muertos Carnaval Beat Trophy  
El Carnaval De Los Muertos  Event Guide
Once Upon A Winter Xmas Beat Trophy  
Once Upon A Winter Event Guide
Groovy Hills 50 Groovy Points Groovy Double Points Statue Groovy Hills License   Groovy Hills Event Guide
Opal’s Kindgom 50 Opal's Kingdom Points Opal Double Points Statue Opal's Kingdom License   Opal’s Kingdom Event Guide
Legend of Tengguan 50 Legend of Tengguan Points Double Points Statue Tengguan License   Legend of Tengguan Event Guide
Straits of Ardour Beat Trophy Straits of Ardour License   Straits of Ardour Event Guide
Samba in Rio Beat Trophy Samba in Rio License   Samba In Rio Event Guide
Shadow Creek 50 Shadow Creek Points    Beat Trophy    Shadow Creek License   Shadow Creek Event Guide
The Winter Noel Beat Trophy Noel License   The Winter Noel Event Guide
Alba Toscana Beat Tuscany Trophy Alba Toscana License Alba Toscana Event Guide
Emberhill Adventure Emberhill Adventure License Emberhill Adventure Event Guide
Pelican Reef Beat Trophy Pelican Reef License Pelican Reef Event Guide
The Pavlozny Festival The Pavlozny Festival License The Pavlozny Festival Event Guide
  The Frontier Trail Beat Trophy   The Frontier Trail License The Frontier Trail Event Guide 
  Old World Expedition       Old World Expedition License   Old World Expedition Event Guide
Castle Kaputstone Beat Trophy Castle Kaputstone License Castle Kaputstone Event Guide
A Winter Fable A Winter Fable License A Winter Fable Event Guide
Magic of Morocco 50 Magic of Morocco Points Beat Trophy Magic of Morocco License Magic of Morocco Event Guide
An Ancient Saga 50 Ancient Points Beat Trophy An Ancient Saga License An Ancient Saga Event Guide
Long Island Jamboree Beat Trophy Long Island Jamboree License Long Island Jamboree Event Guide
Alaskan Summer Beat Trophy Alaskan Summer License Alaskan Summer Event Guide
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