Unlocked Crops Mystery Solved - It Was Done To Make Quests Easier!

Great news farmers! The mystery of the un-locked crops has been SOLVED! Your Dirt Farmer team has heard back from the FarmVille Studio and can now give you full details on why you can suddenly plant crops that were formerly locked to farms like Lighthouse Cove and Winter Wonderland on any farm. Please make sure to read the entire guide, so that you will know exactly which crops can now be planted on any farm. Check out the details below and please share.

Recently, players were delighted to find that they could suddenly plant formerly farm locked crops such as Cove Cranberry and Gingerbread on any farm. Then worry set in.  What if it was a mistake? What if the crops were locked again? Would people be locked out of their farms?

Your Dirt Farmer team can now tell you that the FarmVille Studio unlocked the crops intentionally. They did it to make quests easier for us.  You may have noticed that many of these crops are frequently used in the crafting for all farm quests. The Studio wanted to take the burden of traveling and having to plant on multiple farms off of the players, to make it easier on you and your computers. A very nice gesture indeed.
Will crops from other farms be unlocked? They did not say, but it is unlikely. The purpose of unlocking them was to make quest crafting easier, and only the crops from those farms are used in the Winery, Bakery and Spa. We will have to wait and see if new crafts are released, using crops from other farms and then we will see if they are unlocked.
What about the Hawaiian Paradise crops? What if I can’t plant the newly unlocked Taro on other farms? The studio is aware that many players are having an issue with this, and that it is because the crops cost coconuts instead of coins. They are working to change them to cost coins and we will update this post when they do.
Did anything else change? Yes, Mastery Pre-Requisites were removed from some all-farm crafting crops. That means that, for example, in the past, you would have to master White Grapes before you could plant Chardonnay. That has been changed so that you can plant your crafting crops regardless of prior masteries.
Complete list of unlocked crops
Note that the Water Crops will still only be able to be planted on farms with water – though now the water farm of your choice, once they are updated to cost coins instead of coconuts- again we shall update when they do.
Carrotcicle Cauliflower Cove Cranberry
Daylily Dill Double Pikake
Gladiolus Frozen Grapes Holly
Kelp (Water Crop) Oyster (Water Crop) Mint Candy
Purple Poppy Shrimp (Water Crop) Red Iceberry
Taro Tarragon Gingerbread

Butter & Sugar Corn Hawaiian Ginger
Complete list of crops that no longer require prior masteries.
Gladiolus Zinfandel Chardonnay

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  1. Thank you! I have plenty of coconuts and jade coins but I love that you unlocked the crops you did and that they can be planted for coin, of which I have a ton! :)

  2. This is gonna make some quests so much easier!. There is not a lot of crops that have not been unlocked,but hopefully this is only the beginning, and more will come. I also like the fact of less travelling, and again there is not a lot but Hopefully that will change. I guess all the trouble everyone was going through this week, was worth the headache!..to a certain extent!

  3. unfortunately now that they unlocked when you go to a specific farm (winter wonderland) you only get one page of crops native to farm there needs to be a search added for "native" items it is not default and SUPER\royal crops (gingerbread/yams royal taro) cannot be searched if not on the right farm. ALL in all I welcome the move because now I can plant water crops on the newer farms maybe Jade Falls will be next


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