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Note, Ucut it is no longer supported and no longer in the clicktrap menu. If you wish to use a separate link shortener, paste your link into bitly link shortener here or another of your choice.

You will need the Dirt Farmer’s Click Trap remover in order to copy and paste from in game.  Click here to get it and make sure to download the one for the browser you are using. 

For written directions on use of click trap remover click here,

 for a video tutorial click here.

Internet Explorer and Edge currently do not support click trap removers. If you are using one of these browsers click here for instructions to copy and paste

If you have the  feed panel enabled, others may be able to see links you share privately to this group and claim them with no access to a like button.Click here for instructions on how to disable these features.

When posting links make sure to LEAVE A SPACE between the link and any additional text. If you do not, the link may be unclickable.

How to make sure you get all votes on the side you prefer 

Want to GUARANTEE that you get Farmville votes on the side you prefer? Thanks to Farmer Melanie from our VOTE help group your Dirt Farmer Team has the secret for you.

1) Post the vote to your wall - lock to "only me" (if you are worried about votes on the wrong side, if  not no need to lock)

2) Click on your link and on the side you prefer, as though you were going to vote (your vote won't count)

3) Copy the URL from the resulting page and post to our Vote Help Group . 

(Click here and ask to join if not already a member

It will take your friends directly to your chosen side with no risk of mis click. Please do share with your farming friends to let them know.

If you are having difficulty with your links.

1) Make sure you are leaving a space between text and link  - it can't look like this.

2) Make sure that ALL of your link is clickable blue - it can't look like this.

3)  Make sure that you have copied the ENTIRE link - try placing your cursor in the url, and clicking the RIGHT mouse button and choosing select all from the menu that pops up, before you click copy. They seem to be a bit longer, with missed pieces  that come after what is visible in the address bar causing some issue. 

If your link is not completely visible, but there is no black visible, it should work by clicking on the FarmVille word in the display picture.

If your link is not completely visible, but there is no black visible, it should work by clicking on the FarmVille word in the display picture.

If none of these options work and
Facebook still shortens your links to where they're unclickable try using a link shortener like , or another of your choice.

If you have questions or need clarification about anything herein, please feel free to comment on the group rules document and tag several  admins click here

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