FarmVille Express February 2016 UPDATE

Last June, your Dirt Farmer Team brought you news of a long awaited update to FarmVille Express, the mobile way to access some aspects of FarmVille. Shortly thereafter, the FarmVille Studio put out a survey asking what else would make the Express experience better. Now we bring you the news of the next phase of updates. Check out the details below and please do share with friends.




Let's have a look at what's new.

For starters, it is now up to date with access to all farms. Last update ran through Treasure Tides. This one adds Savannah Safari, Phantom Valley, Alpine Jingle and Namaste India. The best part of the travel menu update is that IT NO LONGER DEFAULTS TO HOME. If you use Express, we're sure that you have experienced clicking a post to help or claim, forgetting to transfer back and then the drag of waiting for the Home Farm to load when you return to your computer. With this update, the game stays put on the farm you left it on unless you change farms intentionally.



Another neat new addition is the fact that you can now harvest some animal pens and orchards on FarmVille Express. (There is no share pop-up when you harvest on Express, it may share for you if you allow auto-posting, do let us know your experience)






This is apparently a work in progress as it only shows animal pens in the home farm style so far. When you are on the home farm, you can harvest all the basic animal pens and some extras like the bunny hutch, pig pen, sheep pen and duck pond.








While on Australia where there is a complete set of pens, it only picks up the Baby Playpens (remember we had no farm specific baby playpens other than Jade Falls until Magical Toy Town.





On Alpine Jingle which has it's own unique Baby Pen it does not recognize any pens being on the farm.



The Orchards are a work in progress as well. Express knows that I have not completed my India Orchard yet.

Back on home it picks up all four styles of groves but no home farm orchards. Hopefully the next update will include the remaining farm-specific pens and orchards.



There is also now access to a market with some  limited edition items in it - though the lone remaining iPhone only item in the desktop market, the glass house is not.






FarmVille Express also makes it much easier to add neighbors. Simply tap on "Add Neighbors"



It will come up with a list of suggested friends (note that many of them may already be your neighbors) AND a search box.



If you are trying to add a specific Facebook friend as your neighbor and can't find them on the add neighbors screen in your computer, simply begin typing their name in the search box. It will come up with a short list showing that person - then just tap on the  "+" button to send them a neighbor request.



If you would like to know how to use FarmVille Express on your computer  click here.


For the guide to what was added in the June, 2015 update click here.


That's all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all of the latest FarmVille news and information.



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  1. When I go to on my mobile it says that it is unavailable because it is misconfigured for mobile access.

  2. help please.. i have used Farmville expess for a long time but since the new update and adding of the new farms all my farms except Australia do not advance in time when I plant them ....any suggestions???


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