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This group is for questions and answers only. You are welcome to post questions about FarmVille, Facebook or computers. Farmville 2 questions are allowed as well, as other members may play and be able to answer them. For add me or any other FarmVille help, click here and request to join the appropriate group. http://www.farmvilledirt.com/2015/07/our-guide-to-knowing-and-joining-our.html

BE WARY OF Other members messaging you or asking you to message them for help or information outside of the group. Group admins cannot check information exchanged in this way for accuracy. Even with the best intentions if someone gives you an incorrect solution to a computer problem, or recommends an unsafe program, you can significantly damage your computer.

NEVER use TEAM VIEWER with anyone you do not know well enough to trust implicitly. This program gives the partner access to ALL Information on your computer.

This is a group for sharing of info and discussing things related to the game... Let it be a healthy discussion and not turn it into something which leads blaming other players, or being rude for something/someone... Manners are a must for the group members. As such the following (and anything else that is disruptive or leads to heated discussion at admin’s discretion) are unwelcome in this group and will be deleted:discussion of religion, politics, drug references or other controversial topics, questioning other members’ manners for ANY reason, criticizing the way others type, be it in all caps to see better, all lower case or any style they choose, criticizing other members’ spelling or grammar,questioning other members’ intelligence or mocking their questions, and name calling or calling out of any kind directed toward any other human being. The bashing of members for their choice of buying farmcash or not is prohibited.

Discussion of 3rd party Farmville apps or anything else against the terms of service of Zynga or Facebook including Timeline Removers will be removed.

We follow just one principle... "Play the game the way that you want to play, and not like someone else plays - do not criticize other people’s style of play or demand they play as you want them to. Choose like minded neighbors.

This is a family friendly environment. Please remember to watch your language at all times. This includes curse words,which would be any language stronger than damn or hell, (common internet abbreviations such as LMAO and WTF are also acceptable) Please note that while self censored language is not forbidden, we are an international and very diverse community. As such if any post with abbreviated profanity upsets other members, it will be removed. ANY post, profanity or not, that is hostile toward another human being will be removed.

If you see something inappropriate in the group, tag several admins or message our fan page and we will handle it. (Do not message individual admins for this, tagging several will increase the likelihood that one is online)

Dirt Farmer admins are responsible for keeping peace and flow of information in the groups. At times that job includes removing comments and quoting the group rules to remind folks of why that must be done. Reporting admins comments quoting rules as spam or otherwise or blocking any of our Admins so they cannot see your posts or comments may result in your removal from our Groups or even a Permanent Ban.

This is a Dirt Farmer group. You can advertise other groups on your own wall.  Please do not post links to software, groups or game guides that come from anywhere but Zynga or Dirt Farmer affiliated sites. Anything we deem unsafe, disruptive or anything from, promoting or directing to other fan sites will be deleted and may result in your removal from our Groups or even a Permanent Ban. If you have gotten a questionable link, please screenshot it, do not copy link to group or it will be removed.

Please do not tag anyone you know to be an employee of Zynga. If there should be a widespread issue we need to make sure they're aware of, a Dirt Farmer admin will tag them or contact them via email. We don't want to overburden their notifications and as such any comments or posts tagging them will be removed.

If your question gets deleted, it’s mostly because there have been numerous others with the same query, and they have been recently answered... So, No offense... Just check for recent posts in the group first, before posting a question... We need to keep the wall clear of duplicates so everyone’s questions get seen and answered.

Try to avoid unnecessary comments on old posts...A
dding useful info is GREAT but sometimes there is no need to bump an older post back to the top...

If you have a question, comment or complaint about moderation or a suggestion to improve the group. 
click here to message our fan page . Someone will get back to you from there. Several admins, including all 6 of the DF leadership team (Locke, Prashanth, Rina, Jason, Wendy and Heather) have access to the fan page inbox. Any personal issues about removed comments or posts or issues with other members or admins will be removed from the group wall. 


Remember that we admin are players and real people too and we have to deal with the entire group and questions all the time, which can even get interesting on occasions given the speed of the info flow and we also have real life to deal with . Do not expect the admins to answer your queries all the time... This is more of a player to player help group, and with all the healthy interactions going on, you will surely get good help from fellow players in the group...

Please DO NOT CREATE DOCUMENTS OR UPLOAD FILES without prior authorization from a DF leadership admin (Locke, Prashanth, Rina, Heather, Jason, Wendy)

If you have questions or need clarification about any rules, please feel free to comment on the group rules document and tag several  admins  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.588850057878773&type=1


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