The Dirt Farmer Foundation’s CAUSE it’s FEBRUARY: The Confetti Foundation

The Dirt Farmer Foundation is our way of focusing the social media power of the Dirt Farmer’s community to help worthwhile charities.

Our CAUSE it’s FEBRUARY or Cause of the Month is:


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The Confetti Foundation is a non-profit organization that supplies birthday party kits to children who spend their birthdays in the hospital. Through the party kits, children of all ages are celebrated and honored on their special day.
The Foundation was started with the hope that families will be able to shift their focus from their child’s sickness for just 30 minutes and celebrate. Although the party is not a cure, it will be a welcome distraction and good reminder that every child deserves to be celebrated.

Through the Partnership of Children’s Hospitals in the United States, The Confetti Foundation hopes to be accepted into all 50 states with the help of volunteers, aka birthday fairies and heroes. Click here to view the current participating hospitals. The Confetti Foundation 2016 goal is to raise enough funds so that they can supply 500 boxes and be in all of the 50 states. (currently they are in 34 states). Their 4-year goal is to be in all 240  children’s hospital in the United States.

How does it work? Through volunteers, the Confetti Foundation gathers party supplies, fills the boxes and then distributes them to participating children’s hospitals across the country. As of January 2016, 95 hospitals have agreed to pass out party boxes to children who are hospitalized on their birthday. More information about volunteers and hospitals is available.
What is inside the box? Each party box is unique and hand-packaged with a special theme. The boxes contain party supplies such as a banner, activities, toys, cups, and plates. All that a child’s family needs to supply is the cake to have a special birthday party right in their hospital room. More info about the party boxes is available here.

How can a hospital participate?  The party boxes are available for children’s hospitals in the United States. If a children’s hospital would like to participate and receive boxes for their children, simply contact the foundation here.
What is a “birthday fairy” or “birthday hero”? A birthday fairy is a volunteer who reaches out to their local children’s hospital to facilitate a relationship with The Confetti Foundation. They are responsible for hand-delivering each box to the hospital, organizing local fundraisers and raising local awareness about The Confetti Foundation. Drop off’s can range from once a month, too once every 6 months, each hospital varies. More information about the birthday fairies is available here. Want to be one? Sign up HERE


  • If you live in the area of Newport, RI, you can help at a monthly “packing party” where the Confetti Foundation makes the party supplies and stuff the boxes.
  • You can become a birthday fairy/hero and connect with your local hospital to distribute birthday party boxes in your area. Learn more HERE
  • Hold a Product Drive and ask friends and family to donate party supplies. The Confetti Foundation official wish list is HERE
  • You can make a DONATION to The Confetti Foundation here.
  • You can donate your Graphic Design here and Donate your voice here
  • Donate to your Birthday Buddy here
  • Matching Gifts here 
  • Start your own online fundraiser here 
  • Make Happy Birthday Cards here  

The Confetti Foundation feels that ALL children should be celebrated on their birthday, so Race, Ethnicity, Family Income or Illness DO NOT play in any factors on who will get a party box. It is simple, if a hospital participates in the Confetti Foundation program, a child is there on their birthday, they will receive a party starter box and a SMILE 


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