Mystery Babies 2016 Revamp

As of the first of the year, FarmVille Mystery Babies have once again been updated with all new contents. This round will last until December 31 ,2016 so you will have plenty of time to collect all you wish. Special Thanks to Dirt Farmers Eric and Stassi and Farmers Nanci and Sandy for their help in determining the contents of each season for an accurate post. Please share with friends to let them know what is hiding inside....



When you harvest your own pens, you will always get a clone or copy of an animal inside that pen.

The only way to obtain these random mystery babies is to collect babies from your friends on the feed. Thanks to Farmer Melissa for pointing out that unclaimed feeds is an excellent source of these.


Winter Spring
Summer Autumn


Akhal-Teke Horse
Akhai Teke Horse

Aries Sheep

Archer Duck

Athena Pegasus

Aurora Horse

Beauty Pageant Unicorn

Beauty Queen Unicorn

Bejeweled Pegasus


Bolt Lion

Bubble Tail Peacock

Cancerian Horse

Carousel Craze Unicorn

Desert Spirit Deer

Dreadlock Unicorn

Dreamy Rainbow Sheep

Enchanted Antelope

Enchanted Rabbit

Fairy Panda

Flaming Topaz Pegasus

Flapping Pegasus

Flying Goat

Garden Gnome Unicorn

Gemini Dream Deer

Glowy Fairy Deer

Honey Swirl Pegacorn

Lacy Dream Deer

Lavender Lily Cow

Lightning Dream Deer

Matsuri Unicorn

Mystic Pixie  Deer

Oasis Knight Horse

Ornate Pegacorn

Pixie Mane Horse

Pompom Sheep

Queen Fairy Sheep

Rainbow Body Unicorn

Rainbow Bubble Rabbit

Rainbow Fantasy Fenrir

Rainbow Note Pegacorn

Rainbow Swirl

Rainbow Zebracorn

Rosewood Pegacorn

Singularity Magic Deer

Sleepy Hollow Cat

Spectral Pegacorn

Taurean Bull

Victorian Belle Pegasus

Victorian Bicycle Monkey

Victorian Dream Deer

Watchful Owl


African Crowned Crane

April Showers Sheep

Arctic Shimmer Wolf
Arctic Shimmer Wolf

Balloon Spinning Seal

Banker Horse

Bolt Kitty

Bow Bunny

Bresse Chicken
Bresse Chicken

British Longhair Cat

Bull Terrier

Celtic Fantasy Phoenix

Chicken Dancer

Cracker Cow


Fall Queen Pegacorn

Fluffy Tiger

Frill Necked Lizard

Garden Gnome Cat

Genie Pig

Graduated Dog

Greeting Card Dog

Horned Grebe

Incense Phoenix

Japanese Serow
Japanese Serow

Jazz Chicken

Lavender Light Chicken

Meadow Cow


Monocle Kitty

Mustang Pegacorn

Opening Night Ram

Picnic Koala

Princess Horse

Purple Pachyderm

Romeldale Sheep

School Goer Kangaroo

Shallow Water Horse

Slow Loris

Spooky Fall Deer

Spring Fairy Bunny

Spring Hen Chicken

Spring Swan

Springtime Rabbit

Spotless Mystical Deer

Starveling Spectre Deer

Stormy Pegacorn

Unhappy Cat

Yin Yang Sheep

Yonaguni Horse

Yorkshire Pig


Autumn Glitter Mare

Baby’s Breath Unicorn

Black Roses Dream Deer

Broken Hearted Stallion

Buzzy Bee Deer

Canoe Pattern Ox

Caravan Camel

Celebration Ready Dog

Celtic Chicken

Celtic Fantasy Dream Deer

Celtic Fantasy Dream Stag

Cha Cha Chicken

Chakra Chicken

Dancer Otter

Dark Cupid Pegacorn

Digitalis Unicorn

Dream Catcher Dream Deer

Evil Headed Unicorn

Feather Mask Tiger

Finland Lily Sheep

Flor De Papel Pig

Flowery Bumble Sheep

Gift Basket Pegasus

Gold Valentine Dream Deer

Golden Pegasus

Gold Feathered  Pegasus

Hawaiin Horse

Honeylicious Bear

Hula Hoop Duck

Iced Tea Horse

Kelpie Pony

Lotus Chicken

Magnificent Pegacorn

Parasol Duck

Peaceful Dove Pegacorn

Picnic Basket Cow

Plumeria Unicorn

Port Sunset Dream Deer

Purple Potpurri Pony

Purple Shimmer Deer

Purrty Cat

Retro Pop Lion

Safari Meerkat

Samba Sheep

Santoni Sunset Cow

Soccer Ready Dog

Sparkle Spring Chicken

Spring Deer

Sunset Moth Elephant

Sunshine Sheep

Tropical Horse


Beady Eyed Pegasus

Blooming Fairy Deer

Braided Unicorn

Cheerful Spring Dream Deer

Daffodils Dream Deer

Dahlia Unicorn

Easter Bunny Chicken

Easter Dye Pegacorn

Easter Flowers Filly

Fall Queen Pegacorn

Fall Ready Pegasus

Fall Tiger

Floral Sorbet Sheep

Flower Power Unicorn

Heather Dream Deer

Hibiscus Dream Deer

Humming Bird Pegacorn

Inked Unicorn

Jelly Bean Dream Deer

Kirei Pegacorn

Lavender Cow

Lavender Horse

Leo Kitty

Linum Cow

Mademoiselle Kitty

Mayflower Mare

Moroccan Rose Pony

Pearly Blue Deer

Phlox Duck

Picnic Party Pig

Pretty Pink Pegacorn

Primrose Pegacorn

Red Clover Hedgehog

Rose Petal Lion

Sparkling Rose Unicorn

Spring Bouquet Pegacorn

Spring Bubble Puppy

Spring Fairy Pegasus

Spring Fairy Sheep

Spring Flower Chicken

Springbok Antelope

Springtime Farm Unicorn

Style Icon Unicorn

Sunflower Chicken

Tomatina Unicorn

Top Hat Horse

Tudor Rose Pegacorn

Victorian Bride Chicken

Vintage Feather Horse

Vintage Rose Unicorn

Wise Old Dragon

Zinnias Silky Chicken

That’s all for now stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information.

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  1. OH, so we have THOSE guys to blame for that! *lol*

  2. Pushed back again, I see. Was really bummed on 7/1 when they pushed back to 9/30 and now... 12/31. This makes me a sad, sad panda.

  3. I'm curious, do we even have a chance anymore of getting a baby that our neighbors have in their pen when the mystery baby is produced or are they all now stuffed with the ones Zynga has decided to give us?

  4. I'm curious to know if we even have a chance anymore of getting a baby like what our neighbors have in their pen when babies are produced? Or are they all now animals that Zynga has decided to stuff in them for us?


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