Get Ready For The Return Of SHEEP BREEDING

The Dirt Farmer recently announced that the Farmville Studio will be releasing ALL NEW Sheep Patterns. Players have been asking for a renewal of this very popular feature for some time. We know it's coming and we have every reason to believe it will work the exact same way it has in the past.

So what will we need and how do we get it?

When we think of SHEEP BREEDING our first thought is LOVE POTIONS!
We'll need a lot of LOVE to get those Sheep in the Mood.

The most common way to get up to 50 Love Potions is to simply ASK for them from inside the Sheep Pen. 
Please keep in mind you can only do this until you reach 50 Love Potions in your Inventory...But, have no fear. For those intrepid players who want to stockpile Love Potions and really give those Sheep a workout...You can CRAFT as many as you want.

You will need 3 Tomato, 2 Strawberry Bushels and 2 Cherry Baskets to Craft the Love Potion in your Craft Shop (Be sure to look under the ALL Tab in the Craft Shop)
Fortunately for us the Tomato and Strawberry Crops are SUPER CROPS with massive Bushel Yields.
For the CHERRY BASKETS you will need to harvest your Cherry Trees...Many Farmers will actually build Orchards on certain Farms and fill them with Cherry Trees just for Crafting.
Cherry Trees can be purchased in the Market for 225 COINS
(Be sure your Crafting Silo has room before you Harvest)

When you CRAFT those LOVE POTIONS you will notice a constant POP UP when you craft each recipe...POST IT!!! You may Double your Craft Yield and your Friends may get a Love Potion or much needed Bushels

Once you have made the Baby...You may choose to either give it away to your Friends or keep it for yourself. If you do decide to keep it you are going to need a lot of Baby Bottles in order to GROW the hungry little critters.
You will need 10 Bottles to RAISE each Sheep.

The easiest way to get Baby Bottles is to ASK for them...Simply CLICK on the Baby and Ask your Friends...This will pull up an ASKMAT 
(A list of your Friends that you can send a HELP REQUEST to)

You can also SEND Baby Bottles as FREE GIFTS to your Friends from the FREE GIFT TAB. This is a great way to get a large number of any Part that is on the LIST.
You simply SEND the Baby Bottles to your Friends and most will SEND them back to you...You can continue to ping back and forth for days while collecting hundreds of Baby Bottles

A third way to get Baby Bottles is to CRAFT them yourself.

You will need 3 Aloe Vera Bushels, 2 Lilac Bushels and 2 Milk Jugs
Again, fortunately for us, the bushels needed are SUPER CROPS with high yields
Milk Jugs can be obtained by Harvesting your Cows. Whether they are simply out loose on the Farm, in the older Dairy Barns or in the newer Cow Pastures
(Be sure you have room in your Crafting Silo before you Harvest)

We've mention SUPER CROPS for both the LOVE POTION and BABY BOTTLE Craft Recipe.
Be sure you have all the Crops UNLOCKED in order to take advantage of the SUPER CROPS.
The Strawberry, Tomato, Aloe Vera and Lilac are available as SUPER CROPS provided you have already Mastered the Regular Crop and have 6 Friends CLICK to help you "Certify" the SUPER CROP

We hope you found this post helpful and please be sure to share it with your Friends and Neighbors...THANKS!!!

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  1. I hope they remove the claim one sheep per day limit!

  2. what about the pig breeding barn?

  3. You can also get cherry baskets via bushel swap.

  4. If the new Rams are not in your gift box, then breed a lamb, and/or buy some of the rams sold for coins in the market. Your pattern ram gifts should then show up in your gift box.


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