Farmville Namaste India Farm Treasure Contents

Farmville’s all new Namaste India has its own unique treasures for you to open and discover the magic within. Wondering what might be concealed inside? Your Dirt Farmer team has a preview for you of what to expect within each size. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

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Broken Dhol
Broken Dhol
Abandoned Well
Abandoned Well
Temple Ruins
Temple Ruins
Broken Sculptures
Broken Sculptures
100 India Points 220 India Points 280 India Points 420 India Points
Stone Hammer
Opens With Stone Hammer
Stone Hammer
Opens With Stone Hammer
Rural Pickaxe
Opens With Rural Pickaxe
Rural Pickaxe
Opens With Rural Pickaxe

Navaratri Gnomette

Kalamkari Tree

Bollywood Boys

Water Palace

Chakra Tree

Wedding Palki

Indian Wild Dog

Paisley Dolphin

Printed Balloon


Saree Shop

Water Lily Dancers

Holy Elephant

Lucky Charm Turtle

Street Cricketers

Expert Indian Potter

Rann Utsav Tree

Himalayan Dog

Bihu Assam Dance

Palace of Winds

Great Indian Bustard

Jaisalmer Musicians

Royal Leopard

Polka Dot Deer

Horn Ok Please Truck

Luna Rickshaw

Kedia Bear

Sculpted Elephant

Floating  Diyas

Festive Govindas

Spice Grinders

Firespark Pegacorn

Block Print Tree

Pushpak Boat

Mehndi Tiger

Dholi Macaque

Shisha Tree

Wedding Horse

Desi Bullock Cart

Banyan Tree Swing

Cowry Beads Lion

Kaanha Rhino

Desert Seating

Royal City Palace

Sitar Peacock

Sousaphone Cow

Adorned Horse
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