Farmville Namaste India Farm Surya Shrine (Unwither Ring Building)

As with the recent previous farms, #Farmville Namaste India farm will have an unwither ring buildings as well. As with all unwither buildings, there will be 6 stages to complete the buildable. This time we will be erecting the Surya Shrine, beautiful architecture filled with exquisite treasures , a true tribute to the house of queens in Paradise. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

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First a look at the pop up we’ll receive once the feature goes live on our farms

Now a look at the stages of Surya Shrine

Stage 0
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6

As with every unwither ring building we will need to collect a specific item to be able to unlock the gifts inside the building.. For Surya Shrine, we will be collecting Ancient Coins..  There will be 3 different recipes to craft the Ancient Coins in the craftshop

1 Ancient Coin
3 Ancient Coins
5 Ancient Coins

A look at the requirements for the Ancient Coin recipes

Ancient Coin
Finger Millet Bushel
5 Finger Millet Bushel
Sea Grass Bushel
3 Sea Grass Bushel
Mystic Hibiscus Bushel
3 Mystic Hibiscus Bushel
5/10/208 hrs
4 hrs6 hrs8 hrs

5 Ancient Coins
Date Plum Bushel
5 Date Plum Bushel
Mosaic Water Plant Bushel
5 Mosaic Water Plant Bushel
Mystic Hibiscus Bushel
5 Mystic Hibiscus Bushel
5/10/2012 hrs
17 hrs 54 mins8 hrs8 hrs

3 Ancient Coins
Floating Petals Bushel
4 Floating Petals Bushel
Water Lettuce Bushel
5 Water Lettuce Bushel
Cashew Apple Bushel
4 Cashew Apple Bushel
5/10/2010 hrs
8 hrs4 hrs15 hrs 54 mins

Once we open all gifts with the Ancient Coins we collected, we will be rewarded with a Namaste India Unwither Ring and a Kumbh Pilgrim Pegacorn

A look at the CONFIRMED rewards of Surya Shrine

Level 1
1 x Ancient Coin
Surya Tree
Level 2
3 x Ancient Coin
Super Fertilizer
Level 3
4 x Ancient Coin
Indus Seal Tree
Level 4
5 x Ancient Coin
Golden Harp Boat
Level 5
6 x Ancient Coin
Insta Grow Pack
Level 6
7 x Ancient Coin
Indian Trinket Tree
Level 7
8 x Ancient Coin
Hoop Roller Gnome
Level 8
9 x Ancient Coin
3 pack of Turbo Chargers
Level 9
10 x Ancient Coin
Deity Cat
Level 10
12 x Ancient Coin
Package of Namaste India Treasure Parts
Level 11
13 x Ancient Coin
Sun Chariot
Level 12
15 x Ancient Coin
Farm Hands
Level 13
19 x Ancient Coin
Decorated Dome Tower
Level 14
21 x Ancient Coin
3 Unwithers
Level 15
22 x Ancient Coin
Mosaic Kite
Level 16
25 x Ancient Coin
Insta Grow Pack
Level 17
27 x Ancient Coin
Glow Lotus Waterfall
Level 18
30 x Ancient Coin
3 pack of Turbo Chargers
Level 19
35 x Ancient Coin
Golden Turtle
Level 20
38 x Ancient Coin
Package of Namaste India Treasure Parts
Level 21
43 x Ancient Coin
Flowery Elephant
Level 22
46 x Ancient Coin
3 Unwithers
Level 23
50 x Ancient Coin
Spices Duck
Level 24
55 x Ancient Coin
Package of Namaste India Treasure Parts
Level 25
60 x Ancient Coin
Terracotta Bull
Level 26
65 x Ancient Coin
3 pack of Turbo Chargers
Level 27
75 x Ancient Coin
Candleback Camel
Level 28
85 x Ancient Coin
Floral Swan
Level 29
90 x Ancient Coin
Revered Pegasus
Level 30
95 x Ancient Coin
Unwither Ring Pack
Total Parts

That's all we have for now......... Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info.

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