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The long promised REVAMP to the FarmVille Customer Support site is now LIVE and FarmVille Executive Producer Srivatsa and Support Manager Anil have asked your Dirt Farmer Team to give you all the info on how it works. The goal of the revamp is to restore contact options to more players, and although not everyone will get support contact access in the initial rollout, it will be continuously restored to more players as time goes on. Read below for info and please share.


The first big change is that we will no longer use the old url when we want to contact support. Nor will there be a help or support link below the game.  While you can still access FarmVille from, there will be no contact options on the page.  While you may be able to switch over from another game, it is not recommended to use this contact method. The studio has informed us that the in game tab is the most reliable contact method.

Instead, Support will now be accessed via a tab at the top of the game.

When you click on the tab you will see the following pop-up. It will have a scroll bar on the side and questions and answers on a variety of game related topics. 

To view the answer to one of the questions simply click on it.

As previously mentioned in this post, at least for now, part of the revamp is the at least temporary elimination of Live Chat support, which will free up agents to help more players via email. If you wish to contact support via email, you will need to use your browser's scroll bar, not the one on the pop-up and scroll to the bottom of the pop-up which will be just above the feed panel if you have it active.

Then click on the red "Contact Us" line.

This will bring up the following form with spaces for your name, email address, a pull down menu for the type of problem and a place to describe the problem. When you have finished filling in each of these, click "submit your ticket". As you will be contacting from in-game, you will not need to input your game id or Facebook UID. Please note: we do not yet know what the email response time will be, and are waiting for a response from the studio on the same.

A look at the options for type of problem in the pulldown menu.

With the roll out of the new support tab, many players who did not have access to support in the past should now find themselves able to contact them. If you do not yet, keep checking. Here is a quote from Executive Producer Srivatsa, re-iterating the FarmVille Studio's commitment to continuously restore direct access to  support to more and more players.

If you do not get the red contact line, there is also a possibility of contacting support directly through the support site. 

First click here.

Then click on the down arrow next to zynga games, scroll down to FarmVille and choose it and follow above directions from there.

This is not the way we are meant to contact support - it is geared toward the in-game tab, so this is a back-door of sorts and may or may not work. It is an option as last resort though.
That's all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all of the latest FarmVille news and information.

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  1. I've tried using this support tab and always always get an error when I click to submit my ticket. I'm frustrated with no help on a double purchase of a combine. The game glitched as I was purchasing and when I signed back in, there were 2 combines. Farm dollars are not cheap and I would like a refund of the extra combine price. So what do I do now?

  2. I used to get automatic pop-ups every day when I was playing Farmville and earn 2 to 4 FV cash. For the last week, there have not been any pop-ups at all. Has this feature ended?

  3. Why are the printable one-page quest guides available sometimes.....and sometimes not? They are very helpful and writing everything down is a real pain! Please make them available for every quest.
    Regarding popups to earn cash....I know other players who get this all the time and I have NEVER gotten them. Why is that?

  4. My Farmville game ID is 100000811959113. The support tab on my game has NO contact link! As I previously mentioned, I have not been receiving my earned items in the Relic Room in Sakura. I completed the required 30 recipes for Plateau of Patience 30 times, and have leveled up the required recipes for Mountain of Strength 16 times and still have no received my rewards. I have also harvested the Judo Dojo over 25 times and even that has not shown me my points. Another problem I am having is I am still getting requests from people that are no longer in my friend list, especially Dennis Gosset. Please fix these. Thank you!

  5. what do you do if you cannot load your game and are having problems?

  6. I lost my garage and all vehicles when I tried to recycle a farm plot. A pop up warned me but the only option was "Accept"--so did! Now what? Can I get them back>

  7. I lost my garage full of vehicles on Olympus! I was recycling a farm plot and I got a pop-up saying that I couldn't recycle a garage with vehicles in it. My only option was "accept". I couldn't get out of it so I accepted and the garage disappeared! Help!

  8. the support tab has no contact us! i cant plant rubt moon and i need so many to complete tasks.

  9. IVE had DF fordays now and can not figure out how it works could someone please walk me through and im sure i would be fine i would really appreciate it really want to use it and have fun with it like everyone else please?

  10. need help with DF cant figure it out need someone to walk me through please want to use it also iv never used a click trap before so please help.


  12. FarmVille Game ID: 1718238309

    Good day. For 2 days now my mouse is not working on my farm. It works everywhere but on my farm. Please help me urgently as i am loosing work and daily missions.

    Thank you

  13. I cannot access the items in my market. I need to be able to purchase the buildables for the newest far Snowy. Can someone please help me? my id is 754975351

  14. still unable to post for level 7 on quest A very Merry christmas, any idea on when this is to be fixed?

  15. Please. is there any way I can contact someone for help. I have send a couple of requests to the dirt farmer bugs and fixes and had no results. for the past few weeks when ever I go to the farm, the window for the videos for farm cash pops up and when I click on it I get the message that there are no offers at this time to come back later. and I have to close it out. and when I change from farm to farm that same window pops up again slowing down my playing because it keeps popping up sometimes causing the game to freeze. I do watch the videos when they do show in order to get the farm cash. How can I play if the game keeps freezing and the window keeps popping up? Ass I said I have placed a request on the bugs on the support page along with my FBID number and my profile URL.FBID- 639991802 and the url- please help direct me to what I need to do.

  16. not much help if your farm won't load!! or you can't click on the feed!!!


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