Can't Find Your Namaste India Early Access Rewards? Read This

Are you unable to find your Magic Bowls, Costume and Starter Pack that you received for purchasing Early Access to FarmVille Namaste India? You are not alone. Many players are having difficulty locating these items. Your Dirt Farmer team has the answers for you to help you locate your rewards. Read below to find out and please share....

For more information on the FarmVille Namaste India farm, visit the Dirt Farmer's Namaste India Complete Guide.

First we will take a look at how to find the 20 free Magic Bowls for the Festival of Colors.

First, you must travel to Namaste India. 

Then click on the Magic Bowl Icon on the right side of your farm near the leaderboard icon.

That will bring up the following pop-up

Look closely at the bottom center of the screen. It will show how many Magic Color Bowls you have available to use. 

To use them, place an animal that you have won from either the Raj Mahal, (main buildable) Surya Temple (unwither ring gift building) or Royal Kalakshetra (self contained crafting)on your farm.

Then click on the animal and select "change color" from the menu. It takes one bowl to permanently unlock a color and each animal has 4 colors to unlock. 

Once you have unlocked all 4 colors for an animal, you can place it on a special tile and it will automatically animate through the 4 colors. (We will be getting one of the special tiles free with the second unlock )

For the complete guide to the Festival of Colors, click here.

Now for a look at how to find your costume. 

Click on your avatar to open the change clothes menu. Then in the clothing tab click on "costumes"

It will appear as a thin red line with no face.

and look like this when you put it on (female version) male version can be found the same way.

Finally a look at how to find your free building parts. They will be in your gift box under "Regal Starter Pack" simply searching "Regal" should bring it up.

You must travel to Namaste India to open it.

Once you are there simply click on "use" and the building parts and animals will go to your gift box. You DO NOT have to open your starter pack to get your Magic Bowls, they are separate and in the feature.

That's all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information.

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