The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Farmville Studio Interview December 16th 2015

Join your Dirt Farmer Team as we interview Product Managers' Aneesh and Ratheesh from the FarmVille Studio to get the scoop on upcoming features and answer questions from players in our event and Ask The Dirt Farmer group. If you listened to the interview LIVE you will still want to check out the podcast for an additional 20 minutes of exclusive content. Please Share

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  1. (Cy Briesto): As I listened to the two managers from the FV studio, it brought to mind many meetings I attended, while working for Sears Roebuck, I.T.T., Pacific Telephone, RCA, and most recently, Los Angeles County. I heard and saw a great deal of passion and concern from the Folks in the Dirtbox and by DF staff. But it was a "mixed bag" with the studio managers. I mean, I heard some passion, some attempts at understanding, some "behind the scene" frustration, and a great deal of "telling us a thousand ways to make a watch but not what time it is"! Having worked in IT for the phone companies, I'm relatively aware of the way systems work. I was among the first of our staff to actually access the internet through the first IBM home computer, which we used for timeshare computer billing and in house communication. That was in 1983! But I've been on the Net at home since 1995, and even did some minor programming. Listen, much of FV's power problems deal with "Support", and as such, in light of downturns of this and last years, despite the slight bump we got a couple of months ago, troubles, which support (in the use of programmers who can rewrite many of the codes that could fix them!) seems to be a commodity Zynga doesn't appear to want to invest in. But like many of us, I'll reserve any serious criticism until after I see the upcoming changes they were talking about. Now, as for "Show Organization"... *lol* ! Locke, I believe that the idea of replacing the fertilize all with super fertilizer in the beehives and steam pools was just "tossed around" over a couple of shows and it kinda "STUCK"! ... cuz it was a great idea! *thumbs up*


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