Sheep Breeding To Return With NEW PATTERNS

Believe in Magic – you asked and the FarmVille Studio has heard your voices. As promised in our Dirt Farmer LIVE! interview with the FarmVille Studio Product Managers Aneesh and Ratheesh on December 16th SHEEP BREEDING will soon return with ALL NEW PATTERNS! This is indeed an exciting turn of events for all of us who loved trading pretty sheep with our friends! Many thanks to Ms Wizard for all her hard work in collecting and collating voices for us to send to the studio. It’s been a year since she posted and without her and all of YOU, we wouldn’t be seeing this amazing news. We do not yet know exactly when these will be released so keep your eyes open and please share….

Now without further delay a look at the NEW upcoming patterns.

Anchor Ram (Released) Anchor Ewe

Black Diamond Ram (Released) Black Diamond Ewe
Cheese Ram Cheese Ewe
Cloud Ram Cloud Ewe
Feather Ram (Released) Feather Ewe
Hexagon Ram Hexagon Ewe
Moon & Stars Ram (Released) Moon & Stars Ewe
Mustache Ram Mustache Ewe

Paw Print Ram (Released) Paw Print Ewe
Peace Ram Peace Ewe
Yin & Yang Ram (Released) Yin & Yang Ewe
Apple Ram Apple Ewe

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  1. This is excellent news - I feel like I've been waiting forever for new patterns! Now that a little time's passed since your original post, have you heard anything about timing? When they are released, will any of the older patters be available, too? How long will they stay in the market?

  2. The one adoption a day adds to the difficulty of getting new sheep & patterns. And is this a Farmville Day or a 24 hour day? Thanks for the information

  3. yes, i got 5 free rams and 1 free ewe, bred, them......each one sh/have been a pattern of the ram, but they were ALL SOLID.......WHY NO PATTERNED ONES???????

    1. I've been breeding mine, too, including to the new ewe and have gotten just one pattern. Not only are they solid; they have been reds and oranges. I had been getting lots of pattern combinations before the new.patterns hit.

  4. I got the diamond or whatever it is called (the white one with black pattern) and it is the only pattern that has shown up on the baby when it grows up. And you can hardly see it since it is on that silly green. Oh well. I hoped there were maybe some tips aside from paying to get the pattern, I always use 5 love potions but i feel like they just want to sell us stuff.

  5. Hi please help where do I put the sheep? I looked at all the buildings and OMG my eyes literally hurt I can't find it at the Market. I have sheeps and boy sheeps but they need the pen, help please?


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