Namaste India Farm Sneak Peek Round 2

In this recent post, we brought you a sneak peek at the all new upcoming Namaste India Farm.  At the time Zynga had let slip images of the Surya Temple (unwither ring gift building), crafts, vehicles and more.  Now your Dirt Farmer team has found even more unreleased images to whet your appetite for this exotic adventure. Check out animals, treasures, breeding pens and the main buildable and more as we get ready to explore the culture and beauty of India. From yummy, spicy foods and sweets to colorful cultural festivals what experiences await us within? Please share.

First a look at several stages of the main buildable, a beautiful experience of Fireworks and more. We do not yet know for sure what the name of this buildable will be, though the starter pack images hint that it may be Raj Mahal.


Now a look at the completed building in all of its beauty.

A peek inside the building

Now a look at the Royal Kalakshetra  -which will be our self- contained crafting for Namaste india.

A look at the stations for harvesting and crafting within the Royal Kalakshetra

Carpentry Bench
Clay Pit
Cotton Mill
Dye Tanneries
Dye Vat
Gemstone Mine
Instrument Workspace
Jewelry Smith
Luterist’s Station
Pottery Wheel

Textile Machine
Vanity Mirror
Veida Shram
Woodwork Shop

A look at the travel screen

A sneak peek at the starter pack contents

The following two animals look to be among the starter pack rewards
Gold Jewelry Goat Festival Elephant

A look at the loading screen and  pop-up for the Double Points statue

We will be leveling up with India points.

We can tell you that there will once again be square expansions, a peak at what the fencing around them will look like.

A peek at treasures – we do not yet know which design will be which size.

A look at the parts that we will use to open them – we do not yet have names for these either.

A look at the loading screen for the Shipping license, as usual we expect that you will be able to earn this in the beat event or purchase it for Farm Cash

A peek at the loading screen and share screen for BEAT India

A look at the breeding pens for Namaste India

India Aquarium India Aviary India Baby Pen
India Cow Pasture India Horse Paddock India Livestock Pen
India Pet Run India Wildlife Habitat India Zoo
India Gnome Garden

Finally some animals, trees and other new farm images that we have found for you.

Sousa Phone Calf Sousa Phone Cow Paisley Dolphin
Adorned Foal Adorned Horse India Cashew Tree
Mojri Otter

That’s all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information.

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