How To Post Links To Farmville Chat, Messages or Groups Quickly and Easily A Guide By Farmer BearDrummer

Do you wish you could post links easily to the FarmVille live chat on the side of the game, messages with friends or groups? Confused as to how to do that? The Dirt Farmer's Click Trap Remover is a great option for Chrome and Firefox based browsers. But what if you use Edge or another browser without a click trap remover? Our friend Farmer BearDrummer has an excellent guide for you on how to share links. Read below for details and please share.

Greetings from one Farmvillian to another:

This is an explanation on how to post a link to the Farmville Chat, or to a message  to a specific player.  Hopefully, this will be something that gets used a lot and helps a lot of people.

The easiest way it to install an app made by Dirt Farmer that does all the steps below in 2 steps.  You can download the Chrome version here, and you can find versions for other browsers and installation instructions here.  Lots of people don’t like adding apps to their browsers, so I also included instructions below on how to do it manually.

The first step is, of course to find something you need or want to share. There is usually a button to press to send that message to your feed, such as this one:

Press that button, which will bring up something like this:

Sometimes, this won’t post to your feed properly. The fix for that is to put something ( a period (.), a cute message, anything characters, really) where it says “Say something about this…”  Like so:

Hit the blue “Share” button at the bottom right of the pop up, and then go to your main feed to find the message, which will look something like this:

Hover over the picture, in this case a picture of a pickaxe, and side click it, which will bring up a menu like this one:  (depending on browser, the choices might be worded a little differently)

Choose “Copy link address”, or whatever choice means the same thing in the browser you are using.  This is going to provide you with the URL to share.  It will be something overly large like this:

You don’t want to share something that bulky, and depending on how you send it, the length might keep it from working properly.  The solution is to use a URL shortener.  There are several, but for this purpose, I will use the Ucut it URL Shortener, located at  It will bring up a page similar to this:

Paste that long link into the box, and hit the “Cut it!” button, or whatever the URL shortening site uses to mean “Shorten URL”. It will look something like this:

Click the brown button that says “Copy to Clipboard”.  Other shorteners will be set up a little differently, but you should be able to find the correct button rather easily.  Now, go to your chat window, text box, message, or whatever means of communicating you are using, and press [Ctrl] V to paste the new link where you can share it.  Proper Netiquette requires that you label the link so others know what they are clicking on. In this case, since it is a pickaxe, I do it like this:


Congratulations!  you just shared your link!

I hope this helps.


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