How To Disable Chrome Desktop Facebook Notifications

Are you seeing annoying Facebook notifications in the lower right of your screen even when Facebook is closed in your browser? Seeing a black or gray film over your Chrome screen until you click on something? If either of these are happening to you, read below for a fix and please share.

If either of these things are happening to you, it is because of a recent partnership between Google Chrome and Facebook which now allows Chrome to push desktop notifications. (read more from Facebook here) You may have seen a little pop-up asking to show notifications and clicked it not realizing what it would do - or you may not have. 

First, let's talk about the gray or black film that has recently been appearing over some people's Chrome browser windows. This is due to Chrome attempting to send you the pop-up asking if you wish to allow notifications, but something in your extensions is blocking it. If you read below and determine whether you wish to accept or block these notifications, and adjust your settings accordingly, this should stop happening.

For clarity's sake, the notifications that we are referring to in this post appear on Chrome and Chrome based browsers ( such as Canary, Comodo Dragon, SRWare Iron etc.) and in the lower right corner of your screen. If the browser is active, but Facebook is not, they will appear anyway. The notifications look like this.

First you will want to adjust your Facebook settings. 

Click on the down arrow in the upper right of the home page, then click on settings. 

Click on "Notifications" on the left.

Click on "Desktop and Mobile"

The first item under desktop will be the Chrome notifications. Click the turn on button or the turn off button depending on the current setting versus your preferred setting. 

If you have notifications blocked in browser and you opt to turn these notifications on, then you will get the following pop-up in the upper left.

Clicking the lock will give you the following box. Simply click on the "site settings" line and it will bring you to Chrome's content settings page. Scroll down to notifications and set according to your preference. 

Scroll down to notifications and set according to your preference. 

Make sure to click on "manage exceptions" and make sure the settings for all sites match what you want them to be. Simply click on the word "allow" or the word "block" and they will turn into a menu button and you will be able to toggle to the other option.

When you are finished, simply click done at the bottom.

That's it! Your lower right corner pop-up notifications should now be on or off as you have chosen.

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