How To Build A Buildable The Easy Way A Guide By Farmer Peter

Do you get frustrated building buildables? Wish you could avoid crafting parts? Confused by how the workarounds you keep hearing about actually work? Mystified at how some folks seem to build things all at once? Our friend Farmer Peter has a guide for you on the easiest way to build a buildable. There is a chance that this may not work for every player- but it will for most and is worth a try. Please share....

First thing to do you place the Building on the Farm You have chosen to Build it. (Sound Logical) Like in the example Santa's Home Factory. BUT it does work for almost every Building the same way. DO NOT USE ANY PART BEFORE IT IS ADVICED IN THIS EXPLANATION.

First we are going to take a look inside the building. Click with the mouse on the building and choose "Look Inside" in the pop up menu.

That will show us what parts we need to build the building. In this Building "Xmas Wreathe" (which you can ask for 5 over the ask button), "Snow Plank" (which you have to craft according the button) and "Snow Bricks" (Which you can ask massively over the "ASK your Friends" button).

First you ask the "Xmas Wreathe" over the Button which will post a request to your Friends on your Wall.

Second you "Ask Your Friends" for the "Snow Brick's" by clicking on the "Ask For More Button".

Pushing the button will open a new screen in which you can ask your Friends for this part. My advice would be to ask for 1/2 of your Friends for this part since you need the most of these on each level. Second advice ONLY use the "Single Parts". That are your Facebook Friends who are playing or who did play FarmVille. Do not use the "Triple Parts" tab. That might be Facebook Friends from you who do not want to be disturbed by some game request.

Now you will go out the building and click it again with your Mouse. This will bring up the pop up menu again. How ever now you do choose "Ask for Parts"

This will open up the "Ask your Friends for this Item" screen again. BUT with 1 of the two other parts. In this case the "Snow Plank" Since you only need 3 parts on the first level for this and 8 for the remaining third part I would advice to ask 1/3 of your remaining Friends for this part.

If your finished till now you simply have to wait a little while till the first parts are coming in send by your Friends. STILL DO NOT USE ANY PART YOU ALREADY MIGHT HAVE.

If you have waited long enough (for me with 850 Friends about 10 minutes) You Look inside the Building again and you will see you have item on each part.

TILL NOW I DID NOT USE ANY PART. Now we are going to use 1 "Snow Plank" and 1 "Snow Brick"

Remember!! We did ask MASSIVELY for "Snow Bricks" and "Snow Planks". BECAUSE "Xmas Wreathe" is still "0 of 8" the "Ask for Parts" option will open with this part.

So after using that 1 part we close the building again and click the building again and Choose "Ask For Parts"

You can repeat this at the start of EACH level in case you do not have enough. BUT remember. ALWAYS start with the parts on "0 of X" So just make sure you only use the parts if you can complete all three parts of a level. Most important is the number of Friends you have. IF you do not have enough Friends to finish it in 1 time then go to FarmVille Legion. Plenty of good FarmVille Players who would like to add you as a Friend.

RESULT after 1 night of good sleep. 297 parts in total. (106/46/145)

More then enough parts to finish the building in 1 time and not having a headache again.

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