Farmville Unreleased items December 02, 2015

We have found some unreleased images that Zynga #Farmville will soon release into the game as Quest Rewards.  Check out TheDirtFarmer post for more info and a sneak peak at the images we have found for you and please don’t forget to share it with your #Farmville Friends if you find it helpful.

Alpine Water Combine Alpine Water Harvester Alpine Water Seeder Alpine Water Tractor
Blossom Bridge Bloom Building Blue button blooms cupid flower Tree
Giant Cupid Flower Tree Crystal Wing Pegasus Crystal Wing Pegasus Foal Dearcorn Deer
Dearcorn Deer Fawn Flower Glass Tower Ice flower Pegasus Ice Flower Pegasus Foal
Ice Horn Unicorn Icehorn Unicorn Foal Iceman Tree Giant Iceman Tree
Micro Pansies Mountaineertte Gnome Quilted Horse Quilted Horse Foal
Reindeer Dog Red Knit Panther Santa Boat Santa Frog
Ski Pooch Sleet Queen Pegasus Sleet Queen Pegasus Foal Snow Lynx
Snowball Fight Gnome Snowman Suit Chicken Stalactite Tree Giant Stalactite Tree
Striped Sweater Duck
That’s all we have for now …..
Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest #Farmville news and Info ……

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