Keep Secure With Facebook’s New Tool - Security Checkup

Facebook teams have been working to keep your account secure.  They have created a new tool called Security Checkup which you will soon be seeing at the top of your News Feed.


The first step reminds you to log out of other devices you haven’t used in a while. You will only be logged into Facebook after this is done.

You can turn on a feature called login alerts, this alerts you if someone has tried to log into your account.  Facebook will send you a notification or email alert  if someone tries to log in with another device  or browser to your account.

Finally is how to make your password strong and unique.  Facebook recommends not using the same password any where else online and never share you password with anyone.

Here is a link to test out the strength of  your password is: THE PASSWORD METER

Example: Very Weak Password 
(The password we used was thedirtfarmer)

Example: Very Strong Password 
(The password we used was theDirt,Farmer1)

You can use Security Checkup at any time by clicking here.  Security Checkup will be available globally and coming soon to mobile.

Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for more info.........

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