If You Are Having Problems With Farmville Links Read This

Recently we have been seeing a lot of player complaints in our ASK the Dirt Farmer Group regarding issues with game links. While these are primarily Facebook issues, we have reported them to the Farmville Studio for investigation and possible follow up with Facebook. We have a list for you of current information and possible workarounds for some of the problems. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

  • Players are finding that links shared in chat or via Facebook Messages are expired immediately for some friends, and others can still claim. Workaround: If you wish to privately share links with friends via Facebook messages or chat, using a short linker service such as The Dirt Farmer's Ucut.it appears to make them claimable for most players.

  • Players are finding their Farmville posts missing from their timelines. Some players can see their posts if they add a comment, others cannot whether they do or not.  There is not a working workaround for everyone, but you can try commenting your posts prior to posting to see if you can see them that way.

You can also report the issue to Facebook for a fix by clicking the down arrow in the upper right of your home page, clicking "report a problem"

Then choose "Something Isn't Working"

That will bring up the following box

In the pull down menu in upper left, under "Where is the Problem" select "Profile"

Then add a description and you have the option to add a screenshot if you wish by checking the box and then uploading - then simply click send.

  • Players are finding their Farmville Posts missing from their activity logs.  Unfortunately there is no workaround for this one. We have to wait for Facebook to fix it. You can report that it is bothering you by following the "Report a problem" instructions above.

  • Players are finding that they are unable to lock posts or that locked posts are already claimed when their friends click them. 

Players finding locked posts already claimed is likely because anything posted from game to wall is displayed in the new under game feed panel - and there is no lock there, nor does it respect the Facebook lock. There is also no way to opt out of this feature.

What you can do to keep a post private is install The Dirt Farmer's Click Trap Solution (Note that Edge and Safari do not support click trap removers, they are for Chrome and Firefox based browsers only)

Then right click on the thick blue line with your name on it, click copy link location. Paste the link as a status and lock that - or use a short linker as mentioned above to send via chat or messages. Then simply x out of the post to skip posting it to wall. In Dirt Farmer team testing, skipped posts did not appear in the undergame feed panel. Important Note: If you lock a status, click in the blank status box above and change your settings back - all of your posts will be locked to whoever you designated until you do.

That's all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information.

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  1. i was wondering how i get my friends request on my news feed. they ues to be there. my feed beneath the game doesn't work. so i am not sure where i am suppose to go. i'm like the helpful Honda guy/girl........but i don't have anyone to help. can u help me with this issue?

  2. My ballet vs freestyle has not worked in several days. It is on a last chance to buy the last item of the quest but when I click to next question and then to ask for votes, it crashes every time. I contacted zynga with no feedback at all.

  3. Could not post to Timeline: The message could not be posted to this Timeline.


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