How To Use Facebook Safety Check To Make Sure Friends Are Safe During a Disaster

In October of 2014, Facebook introduced the SAFETY CHECK feature, intended at the time to help people connect so that friends could notify friends they were ok in the event of natural disasters. It was activated for disasters like the Earthquake in Nepal in April, 2015. At the close of a tragedy filled week in November, 2015 that included horrific terrorist attacks in Beirut and Paris, Facebook changed their policy to include disasters caused by human hands. The feature was activated on November 13 for the Paris Attacks and again on November 18 for the tragic bombing in Yola, Nigeria. What exactly is this feature? How can it help you find your friends? Read on to find out and please share with friends if you find our post helpful

Both Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Vice President of Growth, Alex Schultz have announced the intent to use this feature to connect friends during both types of disasters in the future so it is good to know how to use it.

Let's have a look at the  page and it's features.

If you or your friends are presumed by Facebook to be in the area affected by a disaster, you will get a notification. This will take you to a page set up for that particular disaster.

Now let's break down what you can do on the page.

First you can turn notifications on or off. If you opt to turn them off (they are on by default) you will not be notified or given link to the page if your friends could be in harms way in future disasters. You can still search Facebook Safety Check + the incident name or check the Dirt Farmer for a link.

You can search your friends to see if a particular friend is in the affected area.

You can mark yourself safe, so your friends know that you are alright if you are in the affected area. If Facebook believes that you are in the area, there will also be a line to say that you are not, just in case their info is not correct.

There is a menu to look at friends who have been marked safe, friends who have not been marked safe, in case you wish to seek other communication methods to check on them, or all friends in the area. 

If none of your friends are in the area, it will say so if you click a link to access the page.

If you do have friends in the area they will show below the friends menu in that same spot.

That's all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville, Facebook and Tech news and information.

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