Farmville List of Permanent Coin Items By Farm - Farms released in 2011-2012

Often, Farmers are mystified as to what to spend their coins on.  What you may not know is that each farm is released with several permanent farm themed items for coins.  Your Dirt Farmer team has a guide for you to the permanent coin market items by farm.  This second chapter will cover farms released in 2011 and 2012.   So the post does not become to lengthy, other posts will follow with farms by year.  Special Thanks to Farmer Joyce S. of our ASK The Dirt Farmer group for the idea and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

Giant Frost Holly Tree Giant Silver Jingle Tree Giant Snow Glow Tree
100,000 Coins 600,000 Coins 300,000 Coins
Ginger Beer Factory Toy Train Shop Winter General Store
200,000 Coins 200,000 Coins 600,000 Coins
Puppy Sled
Town Market Holiday Barrel Puppy Sled
1,000,000 Coins 100,000 Coins 100,000 Coins
Winter Leaf Pile Kittens In A Basket Thermal Geyser
100,000 Coins 100,000 Coins 100,000 Coins
Menorah Redwood Gate Bus Stop
40,000 Coins 1,200 Coins 1,500 Coins
Chestnut Stand Cedar Bridge Cider Stand
15,000 Coins 50,000 Coins 1,500 Coins
Feast Table
Frozen Waterfall Feast Table Lincoln Lodge
15,000 Coins 50,000 Coins 50,000 Coins
Oil Barrel Stack
Oak Barrel I Oak Barrel II Oak Barrel Stack
300 Coins 375 Coins 480 Coins
Holiday Klondike Train Telephone Box Present Box I
50,000 Coins 50,000 Coins 100 Coins
Present Box II Present Box Stack Town Road I
130 Coins 200 Coins 200 Coins
Town Road II Redwood Fence Autumn Moat I
250 Coins 800 Coins 7,000 Coins
Autumn Moat II Autumn Moat III Autumn Moat IV
7,000 Coins 7,000 Coins 7,000 Coins
Blue Lit Lamp Post Cobble Fence Frozen Moat I
8,000 Coins 1,500 Coins 5,000 Coins
Frozen Moat II Frozen Moat III Frozen Moat IV
5,000 Coins 5,000 Coins 5,000 Coins
Rapids Moat I Rapids Moat II Rapids Moat III
10,000 Coins 10,000 Coins 10,000 Coins
Rapids Moat IV Green Lit Lamp Post Pink Lit Lamp Post
10,000 Coins 8,000 Coins 8,000 Coins
Red Lit Lamppost
Purple Lit Lamp Post Red Lit Lamp Post White Lit Lamp Post
8,000 Coins 8,000 Coins 8,000 Coins
UnLit Lamp Post Town Gardens Arch Toy Factory
8,000 Coins 2,000 Coins 700,000 Coins
Kinara Cobble Path I Cobble Path II
40,000 Coins 250 Coins 170 Coin
Festivus Pole Harlequin Duck Rudolph Sheep
550 Coins 370,000 Coins 850,000 Coins
Black Komondor Dog Festive Cat Gray Brocket
220,000 Coins 100,000 Coins 510,000 Coins
Nut Cracker Clock
500,000 Coins

Giant Thorny  Tree Black Cat Dark Chicken
400,000 Coins 500,000 Coins 800,000 Coins
Dark Stallion Rundown Shack Dark Stone Path
2,000 ,000 Coins 600,000 Coins 300 Coins
Dead Grass Patch Creepy Lamp Post Hovering Candle
150 Coins 50,000 Coins 70,000 Coins
Creaky  Gate Black Rose Bed Creaky Fence
1,000 Coins 450 Coins 500 Coins
Green Pumpkin Blue Pumpkin Medusa Gnome
200 Coins 200 Coins 350,000 Coins
Crushed Pumpkin Grey Pumpkin Pink Pumpkin
325 Coins 200 Coins 200 Coins
Tan Pumpkin White Pumpkin Purple Pumpkin
200 Coins 200 Coins 200 Coins
Tomb Stone Spooky Lava Moat I Spooky Lava Moat II
310  Coins 10,000 Coins 12,000 Coins
Spooky Lava Moat III Spooky Lava Moat IV East Bog
11,500 Coins 10,050 Coins 50,000 Coins
West Bog North Bog South Bog
50,000 Coins 50,000 Coins 50,000 Coins
Orange Pumpkin Black Pumpkin Wrought Iron Gate
200 Coins 200 Coins 2,000 Coins
Fruit Bat Mausoleum Wrought Iron Fence
250,000 Coins 450,000 Coins 800 Coins

Camphor Tree Chinese Tallow Tree Jujube Tree
40,000  Jade Coins 100,000  Jade Coins 80,000  Jade Coins
Kaki Persimmon Tree Asian White Birch Tree Korean White Beam Tree
80,000  Jade Coins 55,000  Jade Coins 200,000  Jade Coins
White Mulberry Tree Water Dragon Dosanko Horse
5,000  Jade Coins 500,000  Jade Coins 70,000  Jade Coins
Jade Falls Red Panda Dairy Cow Kiang
450,000  Jade Coins 250,000  Jade Coins 90,000  Jade Coins
Jade Falls Golden Pheasant Ringed Seal Crouching Tiger
45,000  Jade Coins 150,000  Jade Coins 25,000  Jade Coins
Dwarf Blue Sheep Dojo Jade Falls Castle
1,500 Jade Coins 125,000  Jade Coins 1,000,000  Jade Coins
Jade Falls Pagoda Okinawan Castle Chinese Farm House
175,000  Jade Coins 1,000,000  Jade Coins 15,000  Jade Coins
Boat House Grass Path Stepping Stones
50,000 Jade Coins 200 Jade Coins 310 Jade Coins
Stone Path Medium Bamboo Floating Lantern
350 Jade Coins 300 Jade Coins 5,000 Jade Coins
Daruma Doll Small Bamboo Floating Cloud
400 Jade Coins 150 Jade Coins 5,000 Jade Coins
Dragon Kite River Reed Water Lantern
85,000 Jade Coins 2,000 Jade Coins 5,000 Jade Coins
Asian Gate Asian Fence Rock Garden Piece 4
1,000 Jade Coins 100 Jade Coins 500 Jade Coins
Lily Lamp Post
1,450 Coins

Blue Whale Green Sea Turtle Cremello Stallion
500,000 Coconuts 1,000 Coconuts 450,000 Coconuts
Whiptail Stingray Nurse Shark Hawaiian Horse
25,000 Coccnuts 45,000 Coconuts 250,000 Coconuts
Big Blue Tang Fish Lowline Cow Red Footed Boobie
10,000 Coconuts 150,000 Coconuts 5 ,000 Coconuts
Hawaiian Cherry Tree Jaca Tree Bamboo Fence
200 Coconuts 25,000 Coconuts 5,550 Coins
Ulu Tree Bottlenose Dolphin Seahorse
5,000 Coconuts 300,000 Coconuts 95,000 Coconuts
Hawaiian Shack Beach Shack Shave Ice Store
15,000 Coconuts 50,000 Coconuts 125,000 Coconuts
Island Mansion Floating Dock Floating Restaurant
1,000,000 Coconuts 50,000 Coconuts 500,000 Coconuts
Island Restaurant Souvenir Shop Water Crate
200,000 Coconuts 170,000 Coconuts 10 Coconuts
House Boat Flock of Seagulls Jet Ski
100,000 Coconuts 25,000 Coconuts 40,000 Coconuts
Ocean Wave Ocean Ripple Light Ocean Rock
3,000 Coconuts 4,000 Coconuts 10,000 Coconuts
Gnome Fire Dancer Island Fence Totem Statue
115,000 Coconuts 50 Coccnuts 20,000 Coconuts
Party Boat Albatross Surfboard
32,000 Coconuts 35,000 Coconuts 5,000 Coconuts
Hawaiian Flowerbed Light Flowerbed Hawaiian Gate
500 Coconuts 1,500 Coconuts 2,000 Coconuts
Hawaiian Fence
200 Coconuts

Frozen Spruce
Frozen Spruce Snow Chicken Telemark Cow
5,000 Coins 200,000 Coins 150,000 Coins
Greater Scaup Duck White Wolverine Arctic Owl
100,000 Coins 180 ,000 Coins 200,000 Coins
Frozen Fountain Iceblock Gate Candy Cane Fence
150,000 Coins 50 ,000 Coins 1,000 Coins
Snow Carnation Pot Winter Mailbox Ice Rose Bed
1,000 Coins 2,000 Coins 10,000 Coins
Ice Tulip Bed Ice Block Fence Snowflake Fence
5,000 Coins 5,000 Coins 10,000 Coins
Ice Bench Snow Stack Frozen Pond
30,000 Coins 15,000 Coins 300,000 Coins
General Store Holiday Log Cabin Winter Shed
300,000 Coins 300,000 Coins 50, 000 Coins

Note: Most of the coin items on this farm have level requirements to purchase

Maine Coon
White Ash Tree Maine Coon Pine Marten
5,000 Coins 200,000 Coins 100,000 Coins
Cape House Cove General Store Village Center
500,000 Coins 3,000 Coins 50,000 Coins
Haystack Stone Fence Gate Daylily Flowerbed
10,000 Coins 50,000 Coins 5,000 Coins
Picket Fence Stone Fence Bench
5,000 Coins 5,000 Coins 30,000 Coins
Milking Shorthorn Red Clover Pot
100,000 Coins 1,000 Coins

English Farm Cottage Dilapidated Fence Country Hedge
60,000 Coins 300 Coins 200 Coins
Country Mini Hedge
600  Coins

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