Farmville Feed Panel

Zynga is happy to announce the new  Feed Panel ....You will be able to see and claim all FV feeds from your FB friends without leaving your farm.  Below the ads on your farm there will be the feed panel, which you can see after your farm is completely loaded  This feature is slowly rolling out to all farmers.  The voting features will not be collected from this feature.

IMPORTANT**  DO NOT RIGHT CLICK ANYWHERE!!!  LEFT CLICK ONLY!!! When you left click you DO NOT  lose the place you left off at.

The Feed Panel is located below the ads on your FV game…The screen looks like this:

The items collected from the feed panel will go directly to your giftbox or inventory without refreshing.  See how to collect below:

If the item has expired you will be seeing the screen like this:

Those that do not want to view the Feed Panel at the bottom of their farm (or have their posts visible to others in it ) now have the option to uncheck the box in the settings!  

This is all the info we have at this time….. Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer ….Happy Farming

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  1. I am SUPER HAPPY with this new addition! So easy and quick!

  2. This is a great feature to collect items, yet the drawback is there is no LIKE button. When a player post something on this new feeds it also appears on the newsfeed area of Facebook where players then attempt to collect there. PLEASE PUT A LIKE BUTTON on this new feature so others know its been collected and their not waisting their time.

  3. I wish all farmville stuff would just post to the feed panel instead of cluttering up my facebook.

  4. None of my neighbors can see my posts on Feed Panel. Tryed everything I know and still dosn't work. This way I can't ask for no item to my neighbors. Shame on ZYNGA. Lots of bugs and glitches. 7 years ago I was level 470 and quit playing cause all bugs and glitches. & years later all remains the same...


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