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UPDATE: Well the mystery is solved… and it’s a rather nice surprise. Though we still think they’re evil for keeping it secret in the first place don’t you? The Farmville North Pole Toy Works will be our Christmas gift feature. We will be able to earn presents by helping Mervin wrap them, along the lines of Hungry Santa. The early gift is most useful of all – a free additional spot for 40 land plots…. There is something mysterious afoot on Farmville’s all new Alpine Jingle farm. The North Pole Toy works – a buildable without parts and with its own expansion. Check out what your Dirt Farmer team has found about this buildable below and let us know your guesses as to what it might be. Please do share….

UPDATE: The FarmVille Studio is reporting that all issues are fixed, and the crafting time for Holiday Wrappers has been reduced to One Minute! Both the Dirt Farmer and the FarmVille Studio recommend doing ALL crafting on Alpine Jingle as the feature is designed for only there and searching in other craft shops may lead to freezing. For The Studio's FAQ on the Toy Works click here.

UPDATE: While the FarmVille Studio appears to be keeping the rewards for this feature top secret to surprise us Christmas morning, they did confirm that in addition to the FREE 40 plot EXPANSION we get when the feature releases, the presents will contain mostly NEW rewards.

A look at the loading screen, as you can see our mission will be to help Mervin the grumpy elf wrap Christmas Gifts and earn up to 50 Presents. No word yet on what those will be.

A look at the stages of the building – as mentioned above it sits on it’s own expansion, which will be a gift when the feature releases.
A larger look at both views of  the rotatable building

A look at the pop-up that we will get when the feature goes live on our farms. As you will see the immediate gift is a free expansion with room for 40 land plots, and then the promise of bonus goodies for those who participate in the feature.

Mervin asks for our help wrapping Christmas presents to fill Santa’s bag and in return offers up to 50 presents

The Pop-up we will get when we earn a gift – note that we will be waiting til Christmas to open our presents
The popup we will get when it is time to open presents – note that you can mouse over to open one at a time or open all at once – make sure you have at least 50 spaces in your gift box so you do not lose anything.
A mysterious pop-up that is associated with the building that says “Seasons Goodies Coming Soon” – what surprises await us in the North Pole Toy Works?

The goal of this feature is to help Mervin wrap Christmas gifts and fill up Santa's bag and earn up to 50 presents. There is no information available yet as to what these presents may contain, but keep checking back with the Dirt Farmer as we will update this post as soon as such information becomes available. You will be able to open all your gifts On December 25th, 2015. The Holiday Wrappers must be crafted in the craft shop.  A look at the recipe requirements

Holiday Wrappers
Milkweed Bushel
3 Milkweed Bushel
Bird's Nest Bushel
3 Bird's Nest Bushel
Latern Cherry Bushel
2 Latern Cherry Bushel
//4 hrs
4 hrs6 hrs8 hrs

You can harvest 1 present every time your wish meter is fully lit from within the feature. Every recipe you craft, every click you get from your friends when you ask for wrappers and every click you give a friend to help them with wrappers will count as one green light on your wish meter. If you prefer to complete this feature using only craftshop recipes, you will need to craft the Holiday Wrappers for a total of 350 times.. For each 7 recipe, your wish meter will be fully lit and will grant you 1 present.

And finally a look at some of the rewards we'll be receiving when we unwrap the presents on December 25th, 2015

Sparklefairy Chicken Christmassy Fence Elven Cow Gift Carrying Dog
Pretty Miss Fox Gifting Train Christmas Fairy Gnomette Gingerbread Seller Gnome
Golden Winter Carriage Holiday Gingerbread Horse Eggnog Monkey Butterfairy Pegacorn
Winter Wreath Pegacorn Winter Pegasus Santa Claus Tree Excited Seal
Gate Crasher Squirrel Gifting Turtle Christmas Unicorn Confetti Unicorn
White Christmas Tree Winter Fairy Bird

That’s all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information

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  1. So why do some people already have this and others don't?

  2. Mine didnt come until Dec 18. I tried crafting 4 times and was only halfway to one present. This is a gyp. I have less than 20 now.

    1. I'm crafting as fast as I can and also have about 20! And that is using a lot of instant grows.

  3. I can not pick up every day, and I can not help. I'm bad

  4. Yeah, lowering the crafting time to 1 minute doesn't do squat when you have to expend the time and fuel to get THREE bushels of each crop - which can only be grown in Alpine Jingle while you are trying to do a quest at the same time. Good idea, but they really messed up the execution. Should have come out the first day AJ opened.

  5. This was a Farmville disaster as far as I'm concerned. I play every day and I could not get 50 presents. I got from neighbors and crafted my own and still couldn't make enough wrappers to get all my presents. Please don't do this again.

  6. Where can we get the 30 free plots?

  7. Where is the free 40 plot expansion?


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