Farmville Alpine Jingle Farm Animals

#Farmville will soon be releasing a brand new winter expansion called the Alpine Jingle.. And as with every new farm expansion, Alpine Jingle will have its own unique animals fitting the theme of this new Christmas farm.. Check out the Dirt Farmer post for a sneak peek at the images we have found and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

For more information regarding Farmville Alpine Jingle Farm, check out the Dirt Farmer's Alpine Jingle Farm Complete Guide

Young Shorns Alpaca
Baby Southern Fur Seal
Fluff Pink Polar Bear
King Polar Bear
Starry Bear
Leafy Beaver
Blue Ice Tiger
Icy Saber Tooth
Mystic Horned Tiger
Winged Cheetah
Aurora Bird
Colorful Heron
Fisher Crane
Ice Cold Owl
Long Tail Jacana
Rainbow Phoenix
Sparkling Myna
Swiss Bison
Bactrian Camel
Forester Capybara
Rock Back Capybara
Viney Capybara
Arctic Mist Caribou
Reindeer Caribou
Crystal Cat
Fantasy Cat
Aurora Dog
Aurora Husky
Candy Cane Puppy
Farmer Dog
Floral Dog
Mountain Dog
Play Fetch Bernese
Borealis Breathing Dragon
Serene Water Dragon
Water Hole Dragon
Fancy Hat Duck
Fierce Forest Duck
Snow Shineeideer Duck
Farming Elephant
Forest Dawn Elephant
Glowy Winged Elephant
Translucent Elk
Snow Queen Arctic Fox
Snow Crocodile Gator
Wonder Crocodile
Aurora Fire Phoenix
Blue Sea Hippocampus
Cracked Dice Orca
Dissolver Greater Kudu
Flying Fish
Great Crested Grebe
Ice Crystal Narwhal
Icy Sea Pony
Illusion Aryeel
Mystical Snow Kirin
Nilotic Hound
Path Finder Malamute
Sea Weed Manatee
Shiny Antarctic Octopus
Spotty Sea Lion
Studded Mantaray
Thorn Tail Platypus
Whistling Dhole
Wreath Maned Sea Lion
Curled Horn Ram
Swiss Goat
Valais Goat
Vine Tangle Goat
Ice Wing Snow Goose
Munchy Gorilla
Farmer Hippo
Sky Bound Hippo
Baby Llama
D’ Abrazza Monkey
Aurora Painted Moose
Y Moose
Winged Opossum
Forest Magic Otter
Shell Breaker Otter
Good Aura Panda
Stary Peacock
Dancing Penguin
Lordly Penguin
Merry Penguin
Flower Head Pig
Jolly Pig
Little Piggy
Petal Print Pig
Christmas Arctic Hare
Fluff Rabbit
Swiss Rabbit
Blue Crown Rooster
Amber Sea Goat
Icy Sea Horse
Ribboned Seal
Snowball Juggler Seal
Ethereal Lamb
Lantern Horned Sheep
Swale Dale Sheep
Swiss Sheep
Ethereal Swan
Mother Swan
River Water Swan
Swiss Turkey
Blooming Turtle
Colorful Leaf Turtle
Crimson Blue Turtle
Giant Turtle
Sea Anemone Turtle
Winged Turtle
Saddled Walrus
Winter Dusk Walrus
Royal Beluga Whale
Borealis Arctic Wolf
Moose Rider Elf

Bull, Cow and Calves
Moose Bull
Moose Bull Calf
Fatty Boo Boo Cow
Fatty Boo Boo Calf
Festive Cow
Festive Calf
Sleepy Head Cow
Sleepy Head Calf
Swiss White Cow
Swiss White Calf
Scale Bearer Musk Ox
Scale Bearer Musk Ox Calf

Chicken and Eggs
Funky Farm Chicken
Funky Farm Egg
Sebright Chicken
Sebright Egg

Donkey and Foals
Rustic Donkey
Rustic Donkey Foal
Shabby Swiss Donkey
Shabby Swiss Donkey Foal

Magic Deer and Fawns
Aurora Lights Deer
Aurora Lights Fawn
Butterfly Crowned Deer
Butterfly Crowned Fawn
Crystal Shard Deer
Crystal Shard Fawn
Horn Bell Deer
Horn Bell Fawn
Ice Crystal Deer
Ice Crystal Fawn
Mystical Deer
Mystical Fawn
Patched Deer
Patched Fawn
Snow Spirit Deer
Snow Spirit Fawn

Horse and Foals
Aurora Glitter Horse
Aurora Glitter Foal
Christmas Sparkle Horse
Christmas Sparkle Foal
Earthen Farm Horse
Earthen Farm Foal
Flower Princess Horse
Flower Princess Foal
Frozen Stomper Horse
Frozen Stomper Foal
Grapevine Horse
Grapevine Foal
Nature Spotted Horse
Nature Spotted Foal
Sky Call Horse
Sky Call Foal
Starry Horse
Starry Foal
Swiss Sweater Horse
Swiss Sweater Foal

Pegacorn and Foals
Fiery White Pegacorn
Fiery White Pegacorn Foal
First Light Pegacorn
First Light Pegacorn Foal
Snow Princess Pegacorn
Snow Princess Pegacorn Foal
Winter Love Pegacorn
Winter Love Pegacorn Foal

Pegasi and Foals
Aurora Borealis Pegasus
Aurora Borealis Pegasus Foal
Borealis Pegasus
Borealis Pegasus Foal
Early Snow Pegasus
Early Snow Pegasus Foal
Fluffy Farm Pegasus
Fluffy Farm Pegasus Foal
Icy Flame Pegasus
Icy Flame Pegasus Foal
Sky Sparkle Pegasus
Sky Sparkle Pegasus Foal

Pony and Foals
Candy Snowy Pony
Candy Snowy Pony Foal
Swiss Farm Girl Pony
Swiss Farm Girl Pony Foal

Unicorn and Foals
Aurora Princess Unicorn
Aurora Princess Unicorn Foal
Galactic Shine Unicorn
Galactic Shine Unicorn Foal
Ice Crystal Unicorn
Ice Crystal Unicorn Foal
Northern Jewel Unicorn
Northern Jewel Unicorn Foal
Sea Unicorn
Sea Unicorn Foal

Zebra and Foals
Seal Zebra
Seal Zebra Foal

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  1. What kind of psychotropic drugs are the FV artists taking? Do they have any idea what "Alpine" means? Do they know how to draw anything other than Elephants? I see one horse and a couple of dogs that appeal to me, the rest are just a mess that don't belong anywhere NEAR the ALPS.

  2. There are over 30,000 species of animals known to live in the Alps. Other than when Hannibal crossed with his army, ELEPHANTS are NOT among them! You would think that they could at least include ONE decent Chamois or Mouflon, but a KUDU? That belongs a few thousand miles SOUTH down in Africa, folks.


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