Farmville Unreleased Items 20th September, 2015

We have found some unreleased images that #Farmville will soon release into the game as possible quest rewards and V.I.P. exclusives.... Check out The Dirt Farmer post for a sneak peek at the images  we have found for you and please don’t forget to share it with your Farmville friends if you find it helpful.
Dragon Rooster Jungle Centaur Forest Dusk Pony Foal Forest Dusk Pony
Cosmo Calf Cosmo Cow Winged Tiger Undertaker Vulture
Axeman Foal Axeman Horse Night Warrior Foal Night Warrior Unicorn
Royal Gemed Foal
 Royal Gemed Horse
Royal Gemed Horse Small V.I.P
Royal Gemed Horse Adult V.I.P
Royal Gemed Horse Fire  V.I.P
Royal Gemed Horse Wings V.I.P
Cloud Guardian Pegacorn Foal
Cloud Guardian Pegacorn
Cloud Guardian Pegacorn Small V.I.P. Cloud Guardian Pegacorn Adult V.I.P. Cloud Guardian Pegacorn Wings V.I.P. Cloud Guardian Pegacorn Fire V.I.P.
Dusk Fairy Pegasus Foal Dusk Fairy Pegasus Rare Mystical Pegasus Foal Rare Mystical Pegasus
Rare Mystical Pegasus Small V.I.P Rare Mystical Pegasus Wings V.I.P Rare Mystical Pegasus Adult V.I.P. Rare Mystical Pegasus Fire V.I.P.
Pink Peacock Unicorn Foal Pink Peacock Unicorn Pink Peacock Unicorn Small V.I.P. Pink Peacock Unicorn Adult V.I.P.
Pink Peacock Unicorn Wings V.I.P Pink Peacock Unicorn Fire V.I.P Twilight Wolf Winged Night Wolf
Witchy Castle Ghost Hearse Gremlin Kitty Icy Night Dragon
Scaly Ice Dragon Small V.I.P
Scaly Ice Dragon
Scaly Ice Dragon Wings V.I.P
Scaly Ice Dragon Adult V.I.P
Scaly Ice Dragon Fire V.I.P. Bearded Feline Bearded Feline Small V.I.P. Bearded Feline Adult V.I.P.
Bearded Feline Fire V.I.P
Bearded Feline Wings V.I.P Starlightgy Bat Patio Set
White Knight Fawn White Knight Deer Angel Winged  Fawn Angel Winged Deer
Angel Winged Deer Small V.I.P. Angel Winged Deer Adult V.I.P. Angel Winged Deer Wings V.I.P. Angel Winged Deer Fire V.I.P.
Lone Winged Wolf Lone Winged Wolf Small V.I.P Lone Winged Wolf Adult V.I.P Lone Winged Wolf Wings V.I.P
Lone Winged Wolf Fire V.I.P Nessie Pantera Rock Pumpkin Arch
Spook Ferris Twilight Cub Cute Monsta Tree Monster House Tree
   That's all we have for now.. Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info.

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