Farmville Phantom Valley Farm Decorations

If you enjoy decorating, you will love Phantom Valley..  As with every new farm expansion, #Farmville will be releasing the Phantom Valley with brand new decorations that will fit the Halloween theme of the new farm. Check out the Dirt Farmer post for a look at the images we have found and please don’t forget to share our post with your friends if you find it helpful.

For more information related to Farmville Phantom Valley Farm, check out the Dirt Farmer’s Phantom Valley Complete Guide

Dacoolan Balloons Gnome
Grancula Gnome
Halloween Joker Gnome
Lady Ghoul Gnome
Queen Witch Gnomette
Saviour Gnome
Succubus Gnomette
Pumpkin Pathway
Pumpkin Pathway 2
Pumpkin Pathway 3
Pumpkin Pathway 4
Pumpkin Pathway 5
Pumpkin Pathway 6
Arch Of Skulls
Bat Cavern
Bat Lamp
Bat Scarecrow
Bone ‘N Pumpkin Fence
Boxy Jack Scarecrow
Brimstone Hell Hole
Broken Windmill
Bush Monster
Castle Beacon
Cauldron Sorcerer
Cemetery Entrance
Chained Coffin
Circle of Ghosts
Cobwebbed Hay Bale
Coffin Carrier
Count Dracula
Creepy Swing
Crescent Moon Witch
Crooked Cabin
Double Points Statue
Dracula’s Boat
Dracula’s Tree
Dreary Squash
Eerie Bridge
Eerie Lamp Posts
Eight Legged House
Ethereal Tree House
Fall Witch Crook
Floating Banshee
Floating Grim Reaper
Floating Lantern Wraith
Flying Bats
Forest Witch
Friendly Ghost
Friendly Scarecrow
Ghostly Bonfire
Ghostly Fountain
Ghostly Trio
Great Skully Candelebra
Guess Who Face
Halloween Dining Table
Haunted Boat
Haunted Castle Entrance
Haunted Crypt
Haunted Well
House in The Mist
Hypnotic Pumpkin
Jack O’ Butler
Jack O’ Lantern Fire Pit
Juggler The Ghost
Levitating Candle Stands
Levitating Table
Old Carriage
Ominous Arch
Peekaboo Kitty
Pumpkin Cart
Pumpkin Express
Pumpkin Graveyard
Pumpkin Guardian
Pumpkin Stall
Pumpkin Street Lamp
Pumpkin Study Table
Pumpkin Vase
Reanimated Skeleton
RIP Pumpkin
Rusted Iron Fence
Sir Scarecrow
Skeletal Band Mates
Skeleton Miner
Skelly Jester
Skull Juggler
Skully Torch Light
Sleeping Seductress
Slimy Cauldron
Spider Web Hammock
Spirit Spooky Gnomette
Spooky Face Stump
Spooky Game Booth
Spooky Hill
Spooky Mirror
Spooky Road Sign
Spooky Sisters
Swamp Beavers
Swamp Tree House
Swamp Witch
This Way Ghost
Torch Light Mummy
Vampire Den
Vampire Wolf Statue

Vigilante Gargoyle
Well Of The Unlucky
Witcher’s Tree House

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info…

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