How To Fix Some Common Problems When Installing Windows 10

Installing new upgrades don’t always run smoothly.  Windows 10 is impressive compared to Windows 8, users  are eligible until July 2016 to upgrade their machines for free.  Like other software Windows 10 is vulnerable to glitches, mistakes and hardware errors.  Here are a few common problems seen when installing or upgrading to Windows 10 version.

Low Disk Space

 A lot of free disk space is required for upgrading or installing Windows 10.  A 32 bit version of the OS  needs 16GB of free space  and a 64bit version requires 20 GB free space.  If you are using the Microsoft  upgrading tool to install a file from your computer then you will need an additional 2-4 GB just for those files.

ISO Image Issues
 If you have burned a disc or created a portable USB drive to install Windows 10 with the Microsoft Media Creation tool, it could be damaged or corrupt.   If so, the installation will be damaged or have failed.  This unfortunately is difficult  or impossible to modify once the files are written to the disc or drive.  You’ll need to install Windows 10 again using the tool again, which  may install the older version of Windows first.    If this continues having problems after you have tried to install more than once you have a hardware problem.  The CD/DVD burner or USB drive may be faulty.   If you can try using a different USB drive or external disc burner.   The set up for Windows 10  program also has the option of installing the operating system directly to the storage drive.

Error Codes
 Sometimes when installing Windows you may receive an error code .  There are hundreds of possible errors and as many potential problems.   We suggest you write down the error code you see being displayed on your monitor and do an internet search to the find the problem  and hopefully the solution.

A few Tips if there‘s no reliable information for the specific code:
-Unplug any device from your computer.
-For Desktops, remove or disconnect any unnecessary internal hardware.  If the PC has an integrated graphics card or sound card on the motherboard, remove any stand alone cards. Unplug any secondary storage drives, disc drives card readers and any extra hardware, for example if you have a fan controller or USB connected to a PCI port.
-  Remove unnecessary programs before beginning  if you’ve selected a standard upgrade that preserves your installed programs.  Anti virus programs  and other devices like game controllers see to have the most trouble when upgrading.

Incompatible Hardware

 There are lots of different hardware that Windows 10 runs on, including low power systems like Atom based tablets.  There are minimum requirements . A processor with a speed of less than 1 gigahertz or RAM totaling less than 1 gb for the 32 bit version or 2 gb for the 64 bit  version will cause the set up program  to fail with completing the  installation.
Desktop users can upgrade their RAM or processor, some laptops will allow an easy RAM upgrade but very few will allow the CPU alone to be replaced.   This means you are out of luck.

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