Bob's Berry Farm To Return With Autumn Theme

The Farmville Studio is getting ready for Fall with an Autumn themed return visit to the much beloved BOB’S BERRY FARM! This update will involve both new  and returning items, with a  focus on the brightly  colored leaves and harvest ready vegetables of the season. Your Dirt Farmer team has found some images and berry prices indicating that a return is scheduled for 15th August.. As it has not returned yet, and the Dance Fever items  coded for July never materialized, we cannot be sure it actually will, but as the items are coded into the game and the studio mentioning a pending return in our Dirt Farmer LIVE! interview,  there is a very good chance.  With the coded date having passed, it could appear at any time. Check out the new and old items below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.
As of the enhance on 20th August, the older crafts have been extended through 31st December, so it appears that the re-release will be soon and the tasks will remain the same. For a list of  tasks  and Farmer Mooshki’s incredibly useful spreadsheet for planning, check this postThe Bob’s Berry Farm Complete Guide .

Autumn Bird Feeding
(200 Berries)
Autumn Confectionaries Spread
(80 Berries)
Fall Tiger
(60 Berries)
Cinnamon Treat Tree
(30 Berries)
Classic Parking Shed
(200 Berries)
Cozy Getaway Home
(200 Berries)
Fall Wreath Tree
(15 Berries)
Glaze Apple Tree
(30 Berries)
Apple Picking Gnomette
(80 Berries )
Fall Picnic Gnomes
(6 Berries)
Happy Fall Y’all
(6 Berries)
Fall Ready Pegasus
(90 Berries)
Pinecone Feeding Tree
(30 Berries)
Playful Kittens
(10 Berries)
Autumn Ready Pony
(80 Berries)
Pumpkin Snickerdoodles
(80 Berries For License)
Tooty Fruity Pine Cone
(80 Berries for License)
Pumpkin Spice Frappe Silo
(10 Berries)

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  1. Well the new Bobs Berry farm is live with the autumn rewards. Does the Mooshci Mitchell spreadsheet still apply this time around or doe sit need updating?


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