The Dirt Farmer's Complete Guide To Facebook's New See First Feature

Facebook has recently announced a new feature to allow you to customize your newsfeed called "See First". With it you are able to choose certain friends to be at the top of your feed so you do not miss posts from your favorite people. What does it do and how well does it work? Read below to find out and please share...

The feature was announced as coming to iOS first with release on desktop and android in the next few weeks. It is already available on desktop for some users, and setting it up on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) appears to trigger it to become adjustable on desktop as well.

If you would like to set it up on your Apple device, simply launch the Facebook App, then tap on "more" on the bottom right.

Scroll about 3/4 of the way down the page and tap on newsfeed preferences.

You will then see the following screen with options to set up the "See first" feature, unfollow friends in your newsfeed, re-follow folks you've unfollowed or look for new pages to interact with.

Tapping on See First gives you a "learn more" screen to get some clarification. We learn that it is different from the close friends feature, in that it simply places posts from our favorite people and pages at the top of our feed. We do not get notifications from this every time they post.

In practice (tested for 3 days prior to posting) it's a little different than expected. One to three posts from chosen friends are at the top of newseed on refresh - sometimes none. It does not display every post from the chosen friends at top (it does not include game posts at all, and personal posts do not always display this way) and it does not display all of the chosen friends even daily. It is still fairly new, so we do not know if it will improve as time goes on.

You will then see your friends in circles with those you interact most with at top

You can scroll down for more.

Simply tap on the profile pictures of the people or pages who you would like to see at the top of your newsfeed and a star will appear in the upper right with "see first" under their names.

When you are done choosing friends, simply tap "done" in the upper right.

If "see first' is available to you on desk top, you can also set it up in your newsfeed preferences there. Hover to the left of newsfeed in the upper left of your home page until you see a little gear. Then click "edit preferences".

Click on "people" and it will show you a list of friends, starting with those you have seen the most of this week.  You can also choose pages (like the Dirt Farmer) to see first, by clicking on pages. You can choose "see first" "default" or "unfollow" next to each name. Unfollow allows you to stay friends with someone without seeing their posts in your newsfeed. 

You can also go to a friend's profile to add them to your "see first" list, by clicking on the drop down menu at the lower right of their cover photo.

You can do the same with a favorite page, opting to get notifications when the page posts and see first in newsfeed so you never miss a post.

As you reload your newsfeed you will see at least some of their new posts at top with that same blue star in the upper left. When you hover, it tells you you opted to see that person or page first.

Or if there are several new posts from one source, you will see them grouped together, with a notice that you are seeing posts from that source first.

The feature is not unlimited, we were allowed a total of 28 friends and pages.

What do you think? Despite its limitations will "see first" be helpful to you in keeping up with your favorite friends and pages? Do let us know. 

Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information.

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