Our Guide to knowing and joining our Dirt Farmer Groups and Family

  Ever wonder why your Vote post in Legion disappeared?   Don’t understand why you can’t post countdown requests in ASK the Dirt Farmer?  You think you have every tree made in Farmville!  Have no fear, we have a guide through our network of Dirt Farmer Groups and Sites in one place!  If you find this post helpful in your farming needs, please share with all of your Facebook friends and farming family! 
Let’s start off by liking our Fan page by clicking the picture above and keep connected with us to find out what’s going down in Farmville!  With over 100,000 likes, we are your number one source for Farmville!


ASK the Dirt Farmer is our largest group with nearly 30,000 members and growing!  This is were our mantra of Players helping Players comes into play.  We have several admins and players like you that dedicate their time to helping players with any questions they may have on this crazy game we like to call Farmville!  Also get some tech help in the meantime to make your computer run better!  This is our group dedicated to questions and answers for Farmville!  Please click on the picture to join this exciting group!

Legion is our very own add me group for new Farmville friends and neighbors from around the world!  All you have to do is make a post and start getting the friend request left and right!  You don’t have to add everybody, do use your discretion when adding new people and have fun with it!  You never know who you’ll meet!  Remember Whoopi Goldberg admitted she is addicted to the game!  Just click to picture above to start adding new friends!
The Dirt Farmer Quest & More Help Group is for getting that last countdown click or help with that new Seed Spitter with the ask for parts!  Remember with help from The Farmville Studios, we no longer need to be friends to get help from other players!  Believe me that was a big help!  Please click on the picture above to get started with this group!
Now this group is probably one of our busiest groups we have going, The Dirt Farmer Vote Help Group!  We all know how aggravating it is to only need one more vote to move on!  Well this is the group for you!  Just stop by, post your vote and help a few people while you wait, its that simple!  Here’s a simple tip: if your still not getting the amount of votes you need, simply bump your post by typing in the comments to get it back to the top!  Please click the picture above to join this group!
When Papa Dirt is at the local watering hole, Mam Maw likes to go to the old trading post and share her goods with others!  Well something like that!  Mam Maw’s Trading Post is our sharing group with many people posting the newest trees and foals or even that old tree you can’t find or you might come across that one calf you’ve been missing!  You might even catch Mam Maw hanging around!  Please click on the picture above and get to sharing!
Now we challenge you to win a prize with The Dirt Farmer’s newest group Battleground!  Each week we pick a new challenge to compete in, basically share whatever we pick as the item that week and you could win a Papa Dirt Prize!  Also as a bonus, you can pick up whatever is being shared that week if you need it!  Its that simple and we occasionally have midweek or 24 hours flash challenges to win a Papa Dirt Prize too!  The week long challenges run until Sunday night/Monday morning at Midnight EST.  Please click the picture above to join in on the fun!

Feeling Sheepish? We've got you covered. The Dirt Farmer's newest group Got Sheep is the perfect place to share and claim the latest in sheep patterns and those cool color changes. Click the pic above to join up!
Want to know the latest happening in Farmville?  This is the group for you!  The Dirt Farmer Farmville News Network is your one stop group for all the newest Farmville news and info!  Please click the picture above to start getting informed!

Looking for those bushels to complete the latest quest?  Crafting fawn feed and one bushel short?  Then we have a good group for you that The Dirt 
Farmer himself just created…. Farmville Bushel Exchange Group!  Search for bushels you need and in this group you can also ask for bushels you need!  Click the picture above to join this needed Dirt Farmer group!

Farmville RANT! or RAVE! is a group where you can come in and freely express your RANTS, gripes or complaints about Farmville or you can express your RAVES, compliments and LOVE for Farmville.  Every so often we will post about a new or old feature and you can let your feelings known in a RESPECTFUL manner though!
If you’re a decorator or love to see other people’s work, then Farmer’s Showcase is the group for you!  Get inspired by talented farmer’s creations and get ideas for your own!  Click the picture above to join on the decorating madness!
The Farmville Dirt Farmer Foundation is a place to go to and read some feel good stories and check out charities from around the world!  Each month we highlight a different cause for people in need!  You never know who suggests the cause for us, we have been known to go to Captain Kirk for advice!  Please click the picture above and like the page!
The Dirt Farmer’s Farmville Items Info Site has been revamped this year and it’s the place to go to see everything that Farmville has released since the beginning!  Check it out to see if you really do have every single tree and horse Farmville has released!  Please click the picture above to check it out and bookmark it for easy access!
Looking to learn how to stuff the stable, level your cottage or any of the DF's other great videos? Click the pic above and bookmark our youtube channel!
TO be honest, We Rock has nothing to do with Farmville!  But if you need to take a break from farming and want to hear some good music, this is the place for you!  Got that song stuck in your head all day, then upload the video in this group and share what’s been on your mind!  You can see and hear all kinds a music from any genre!  Please click the picture above to start rocking out!
Please remember to check out the rules for each group you join by clicking the file button under the banner and remember all Dirt Farmer Groups are Family Friendly environments!
Just remember The Dirt Farmer Family is forever growing!  Check back often right here on farmvilledirt.com for all the lastest happenings in Farmville!

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