Farmville Savannah Safari Farm Trees

As with every new farm, Farmville Savannah Safari will have brand new trees which will fit the unique theme of this new African expansion.. Check out the Dirt Farmer post for a sneak peak and please don’t forget to share our post with your #Farmville friends if you find it helpful.

For more information related to Farmville Savannah Safari Farm, check out The Dirt Farmer’s Savannah Safari Complete Guide

* All trees have giant versions of themselves for Level 2

Acacia Tree
African Baobab Tree
African Desert Rose Tree
African Flame Tree
African Mango Tree
African Nesting Tree
African Pom Pom Tree
African Quiver Tree
African Red Tulip Tree
Aloe Dicotima Tree
Aloe Pillansii Tree
Bloomed Jacaranda Tree
Dichotoma Tree
Dragon Blood Tree
Erythrina Tree
Festive Baobab Tree
Fever Tree
Hanging Heliconia Tree
Jacaranda Tree
Kigelia Tree
Kite Moth Tree
Mopane Tree
Calliandra Tree
Quiver Tree
Raphia Palm
Savannah Safari Tree
Sycamore Fig Tree
Tall Baobab Tree
Torch Aloe Tree
Travellers Palm Tree
Umbrella Thorn Tree
Weeping Boer Bean Tree
White Stinkwood Tree

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info…

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