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As we know Farmville Savannah Safari is a charity farm. This one has a bit of a new spin. Instead of the main buildable (The Safari Lodge) being overtaken with the charity information, this time there is a separate building the Savannah Conservation Center to track the progress of the donation goal to Conservation International. Within the Savannah Conservation Center you can see which items you can purchase to spark a donation, get more information on Conservation International, and see the progress and rewards earned. ( We will get a prize at each of 5 milestones). Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

A look at the Savannah Conservation Center building.

This building is located off farm to the left of the land we get upon arrival, near the Safari Lodge and S.W.E.E.T. Headquarters, so it will not take up valuable farming space.

A look at the tutorials for this feature.

Hovering over each tutorial gives more information about Conservation International and the charity goals and rewards of Savannah Safari.

The tutorials can be accessed at any time by looking inside the building and clicking on the question mark in the upper left.

A look inside the building.

As you can see purchases of  trees, animals expansions, and paying to complete treasures generate donations. You can track the community’s progress toward the $500,000 USD donation goal via the meter on the right that looks like an old fashioned thermometer. Note that individual purchases will not move the meter, it shows the sum total of purchase by the entire Farmville community of players.

Clicking on the “shop now” button opens the market to peruse.

As alluded to above, we will get rewards at each of several milestones. All players will get the rewards, regardless of donation if this feature works as it has in the past. Also note that Zynga will donate their share of the purchase price toward the goal which is 70%, the other 30% goes to Facebook.

Donation Milestone

1 – $100,000 USD
African Red Tulip Tree
2 – $200, 000 USD
Baby Croc
(Note this animal goes into the Zoo NOT the Play Pen)
3 – $300, 000 USD
Elephant Fountain
4 – $400,000 USD
Unique Zebra
5 – $500,000 USD

Golden Tabby Tiger

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