Farmville Gypsy Trader Complete Guide

Farmville will soon release the Gypsy Trader a rather unique little niche feature. This feature will involve bargaining with the gypsy merchant Tzigane to win 9 all new magic deer. If we win all 9 there will also be a bonus pegasus prize. This feature is unusual for Farmville in that it involves NO CRAFTING whatsoever. It will be similar to Bring Back Winter with a complicating twist of lower feed collection limits and the addition of crop drops to collect the rest of the stones. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

A look at the loading screen. The Gypsy Trader feature is currently coded to go live on our farms on 13th July, 2015 and end on 12th August, 2015.

A look at the popup that we will receive when the feature goes live on our farms

We will be gathering Gypsy Gold , Garnet Stones and Sapphire Chinks to trade with Tzigane to build the deer herd.

Gypsy Gold
Garnet Stones
Sapphire Chinks

We will be able to obtain the three types of redeemables in two ways. Firstly by posting to the feed. You will be able to post for each every 6 hours. Each post will be good for 5 of the item in question. It seems the Farmville team is extremely attached to the extremely unpopular low feed limits as you will only be able to click 15 per type per day. These would also appear to have the player despised and confusing rolling 24 hours to collect so each one will unlock to click again 24 hours after clicking instead of a set and clear reset time.

The second way to obtain the redeemable items is through crop drops. There are three crops that are tied to the feature with specific drop amount ratios to plots.

Gilded Carnation
Garnet Poppy
Midnight Azalea
You will receive ONE GYPSY GOLD for every 40 plots harvested.
You will receive ONE GARNET STONES for every 30 plots harvested.
You will receive ONE SAPPHIRE CHINKS for every 20 plots harvested.

If you were going to attempt to get all 9 deer solely via the crop method
You need 695 Gypsy Gold x 40 Plots = you must harvest  27,800 plots of Gilded Carnation  to get all of them via this method
You need 805 Garnet Stones x 30 plots = you must harvest 24,150  plots of Garnet Poppy   to get all of them via this method
You need 1,075 Sapphire Chinks x 20 plots = you must harvest  21,500 plots of Midnight Azalea to get all of them via this method
Now for a look at the prizes for this feature
Prize Gypsy Gold Garnet Stones Sapphire Chinks
Number of Gypsy Gold Needed Number of Garnet Stones Needed Number of Sapphire Chinks Needed
Firestarter Deer
Firestarter Deer
45 55 70
Mythical Spirit Deer
Mythical Spirit Deer
50 60 80
Painted Caravan Deer
Painted Caravan Deer
60 70 95
Crystal Orb Deer
Crystal Orb Deer
65 75 105
Gypsy Fantasy Deer
Gypsy Fantasy Deer
75 85 115
Spring Spirit Deer
Spring Spirit Deer
85 100 130
Wood Spirit Deer
Wood Spirit Deer
95 110 145
Snow King Deer
Snow King Deer
105 120 160
Glass Deer
Glass  Deer
115 130 175
Total 695 805 1075

As you can see you will need a total of 695 Gypsy Gold, 805 Garnet Stones and 1075 Sapphire Chinks to win all 9 Deer – lets see how the math breaks out.
We will have 23 days to complete this feature.  You can claim up to 15 per type from the feed per day.
This means that you can claim a total of 345 each during the duration of the entire feature.
The posts are a give/get and if you didn’t sleep and posted exactly every 6 hours, at 5 per post that would allow you 20 per day from your own posts – IF you got every click. It is highly unlikely that you will, as with each person only being able to claim 15 per day, and the poster not getting one after the clicker hits their limit, there’s no possible way for the math to work for everyone to get 20 clicks.  If we run on the assumption that everyone gets 15 clicks and claims 15 that’s 345 from one’s own posts and 345 from the feed or a total of 690. As you can see unless you are the rare person who gets all 20, there is no way to get all you need from the feed for ANY of the 3 types. Even if you got 20 clicks and claimed 15 per day it still maxes at 805 over the duration of the feature from the feed – so ANYONE wishing to get all 9 deer will need to use the crop method as well.
If you want to be prepared, and if you often have difficulty getting the max number from the feed, then you’d probably want to plant around 15,000 of each crop to finish quickly.

If you win all 9 Deer then you will also get a bonus prize the Midnight Pegasus

Now a look at the offspring of the rewards from this feature. 

Every single one of the fawns can be grown into the adult deer for 36 Fawn Feed and the Midnight Pegasus Foal grows to it’s adult in the nursery. Given this,depending on your penchant for crafting, it may be easier to skip the feature all together and just claim the offspring from the feed and raise them.  Decide what would be more fun for you.
Fire Starter Fawn Mythical Spirit Fawn Painted Caravan Fawn
Crystal Orb Fawn Gypsy Fantasy Fawn Spring Spirit Fawn
Wood Spirit Fawn Snow King Fawn Glass Fawn
Midnight Pegasus Foal

That’s all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information

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  1. I wish they would stop with these kinds of tasks. It is a waste of fuel to get a couple of animals. Having to plant so many crops just to get a single stone for trade.Not worth the time for me to do them.

  2. cannot plant the crops on any farm so what is the point :(

  3. You can't use turbo boost when harvesting or else you don't get to collect the gold, saapphire and garnets for each crop. It would have been nice to be told this before I wasted my super fertilizer, instagrow and turbo boost doing these crops.

  4. Too much trouble for just a couple of animals. Not getting credit for bushels harvested, not getting correct count of items taken from newsfeed. Zynga's quality control is nonexistent!

  5. Confused can't plant the crops at all, No where. Wasted too much time reading and re-reading. Something not working or I don't understand the trade.

  6. The crops I grow for this do not go away when used

  7. I am having the same problem. My farmer's market is now full and the bushels are not adding to the corresponding items.

  8. The icone does not open the trade, clicking on it does NOTHING. It is really frustrating.


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