Bob's Berry Farm To Return With A Case Of Dance Fever

Someone at the Farmville Studio must have been watching reruns of Dance Fever! It looks as if they are planning a pop music themed return visit to the much beloved BOB’S BERRY FARM! This update will involve both new crops and returning items, with a heavy focus on the bright swirling lights of the  disco era. Your Dirt Farmer team has found some images and berry prices indicating that a return was scheduled some time around 1st July. As it has not returned yet, we cannot be sure it actually will, but as the items are coded into the game there is a very good chance.  With the coded date having passed, it could appear at any time. Check out the new and old items below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

The end dates on the old crafts have been extended through 15th August, so it appears we will be using the same tasks. For a list of possible tasks and Farmer Mooshki’s incredibly useful spreadsheet for planning, check this postThe Bob’s Berry Farm Complete Guide .

Boombox Breakdance
(40 Berries)
(90 Berries)
Afro Bushes
(15 Berries)
Disco Cow
(60 Berries)
Dance Floor Duckies
(90 Berries)
Dance Studio
(200 Berries)
Dazzling Disco Tree
(30 Berries)
Disco Ball Tree
(30 Berries)
Disco Camellia
(60 Berries for License)
Disco Fence
(6 Berries)
Disco Hat Tree
(30 Berries)
Disco Lights Tree
(20 Berries)
(200 Berries)
Disco Horse
(80 Berries)
Jumbo Roller Plate
(15 Berries)
White Swan Pegacorn
(100 Berries)
Shiny Grape
(70 Berries for License)
Symphony Hall
(70 Berries)

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